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Welcome to Australians for Australians

I plan to try gather information to be shared for all Australians about current events that have a impact on all our lives. If you would like to help by contributing articles please feel free to contact me.

If viewing on mobile, I have enabled a mobile menu that will allow you to visit all the posts via the monthly archives.  This is accessible on the top LEFT hand corner and is represented by small bars horizontally on the screen.  Clicking it will bring down the menu options available on mobile devices.

Posts written by myself are in general just opinions on various topics and in no way are meant in a derogative nature to any particular person or group of people.  My only agenda in writing these articles is to raise issues that affect us all, or that I think need being discussed in any form.

While I have allowed forming of groups, I don’t appreciate the fact that many have used that ability to bypass spam protection.  The principle objective of this site is to help rise awareness to subjects that relate to Australian issues and not for advertising business sites etc.


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