Motorcyclists – Carrying a high responsibility

As a motorcyclist and road user, we seem to have a great responsibility for every other road users safety and the care of their vehicles.  How this might be the case, you might well ask.  We are invisible and only of a slight irritation to many out there on the road, plus in need of dire eradication if you listen to some.

Making sure cars don't get damaged.
Making sure cars don’t get damaged.

As in the above scene, we realise that the car driver takes no responsibility to make sure the motorcyclist is safe from their bad driving, it is purely the responsibility of the rider at all costs to ensure no damage occurs to the drivers car.  In some circumstances, we might fail in this and still hit the car or lock up our brakes and end up on the road in front of some other innocent car driver, that finds they have the annoying problem of a unplanned speed bump.

Saving that car from damage
Saving that car from damage

Completely unaware of the near destruction of that invisible motorcyclist and how close they came to having their paint scratched, some drivers will drive off as though nothing occurred.  They don’t even give a thanks that we saved their precious car from being scratched, such a thankless responsibility we have.

We are often seen as aggressive and having death wishes, simply because we ride a motorcycle and when our lives are put in danger we might become slightly abusive , swearing and in extreme cases some direct the anger at the car of the driver.  When you have your life put at risk on a daily basis from drivers that just don’t pay attention or just don’t look, you have the occasional lapse of reasonable thinking.

Other responsibilities that seem to be placed on us are, ensuring mobile phone users see us and pay attention, clearing a clear path for tailgaters, often having to break some law so that we can safely get out of their way.  One reason we have this huge responsibility is that many road users fail to take the responsibility of creating a safe environment for all other road users. This does include some motorcyclists as well sadly, which gives the rest a bad name.

In a car or truck, a slight lapse of concentration and if happen to have a minor crash, quite often only your vehicle will be damaged, on a bike the chances are more likely severe injury or death.  In a car or truck , the road surface having potholes, ripples, oil/diesel etc., is a minor consequence, on a bike it can be a major consequence if hit them.

As a car driver you can help make our lives that bit safer by not tailgating us, stop trying to share the same lane, look twice before pulling out and as you are merging into another lane turn your head to check your blind spots.  Another big way is to STOP being distracted by using your mobile phones while you are driving, this includes doing things like reading, makeup, shaving etc.

**Please note: Some of this was written with a satire note to it, the fact remains though that as road users, we that ride motorcycles are invisible to many drivers. We have to try gauge what every other road user is doing, going to do and try evaluate constantly a safe emergency course to take.


G20 Red Zone

During the G20 Summit, the government has decided that the area in the red zone is a semi no go zone. Travel through this area will be restricted and heavily enforced.  In a smaller area in this zone you better hope you have proper clearance to enter the security restricted zone.

G20 Red Security Zone
G20 Red Security Zone

Being a red zone makes it sound more like a large red light district, though in this case, a district for corrupt politicians to work out how to screw over the public and take away more rights and freedoms.  Past summits have shown the tendencies for over policing and arrests being made to hold any citizen that ventures too near for the period of the summit.

I can understand that in general it would be a security nightmare in securing the safety of the various leaders attending the summit.  No government holding these summits wants anything to happen to any of the leaders in their own country, so security would be at the maximum alertness throughout the period.

During this period it will be a chargeable offence to carry various items, unless you can prove purchased them and heading straight home.  Things like kites are another item that is restricted in the inner restricted zones, amongst the normal every day items are things like flour,eggs and other throw-able items of food etc.

If you have a r/c plane/helicopter think twice about flying it anywhere around this area, you could end up facing time in a cell during the rest of the summit at minimal.

More innocent victims from a unjust law

Full Courier Mail Story (Link opens in new tab/window)

Owners of Rockhampton’s Gallery Ink face loss of licence over previous contact with bikies

A Rockhampton couple that have owned a Tattoo shop for 30 years have had their licence to operate taken away. This from being honest and the husband stating had a previous criminal conviction 10 years ago and that they ‘knew’ members of a listed motorcycle club.

Having been in business for 30 years how can this be a issue now just because we have a premier and attorney general that have unconstitutionally named certain clubs as being criminal and all associated with these clubs in any way as being unsavoury .

You only need have attended any show put on by one of the listed clubs more than once to be declared an associate, which according to our premier marks you as a unsavoury character.  If you have been convicted, done your punishment, should you not be given the chance to show you are a law abiding citizen after making a mistake in your past.

Many of our politicians have a non perfect past and they still manage to become politicians, some even continue to live what many would see as dishonest lives.  How can you make people guilty of crimes not committed, how can you justify targeting innocent people and causing their lives to be ruined.  Corruption and dishonesty is running rampart in our governments, yet if you are honest about your past you get shafted by the same corrupt government.

It is time that we make these corrupt governments accountable for their unconstitutional behaviour and get some honesty back.



Children – A throw away to some parents

Lately in the news there are more and more stories of parents killing their kids by different means.  How can any parent not have love for their child/children and destroy that life just waiting to grow into a adult down the track.

Any parent that can deliberately kill their child or children deserve nothing less than life in prison or the death penalty, their is no excuse for taking any child’s life.  Just in the last couple weeks there have been stories about parents stabbing their child, deliberately leaving a child in a car and sexting away, a mother covering her child, walking away and coming back after it is blue.

A child is meant to be a joy from the loving bond of two loving people, even if that relationship ends, the child should never be any less important and loved as if the relationship was still going.  Children don’t ask to be born, they only come into this world because you decided to consummate a relationship of some sort at the time.  There are those occasions that one is born after a horrendous rape etc., these children can be very hard for the mother to keep, adopting them out is often a need for some in these cases.

Then we have the parents that blame either all their children or one of them for every thing that is wrong in their own lives.  No matter how old your children get and whatever they do in life, you as a parent should never turn your back on them.  Once a child reaches the teen years, if they experiment with drugs or sex etc, you don’t need lecture them and make them feel bad.  The best option is to talk to them and calmly try discuss why they are doing what they are and show them through words and action that you will always love them and be there for them.

Then they grow up to be young parents, having a family of their own and this is when they will need you just as much as when they were children.  The greatest moments in my life were when my daughters were born, when each of my grandchildren were born and then being able to watch them all grow up.

Woman claims kidnapped over drug debt

Yesterday at a house in Coomera, Qld., police surrounded the house for 5 hours after a woman ran into a day care centre claiming she had been kidnapped over a drug debt.  It was eventually discovered that the house was empty and claims by the woman to be false.

The woman is facing possible chargers over the false claims which if goes ahead, will see her possibly faced with having to cover the cost of the police operation. Headlines following the incident state as insinuating that the woman was kidnapped by up to 4 ex-bikies, telling the truth about the incident wasn’t attracting enough attention.

One can imagine news reporters ringing up their mate Campbell Newman and asking for help on a headline that will sell, Campbell then phoning Bleijie and in a hushed conference call coming up with the headlines about ex-bikies.  Pretty soon bikies will be the blame for everything, Aliens abduct a family, it will read as bikies abduct aliens to abduct family.  I can only imagine the list growing till Campbell is voted out and even that will be somehow the bikies fault (which would actually raise them to worship level) .

Australia’s biggest joke

Australia has become one of the worlds biggest jokes after the many errors our illustrious prime minister Tony Abbott has made world wide. From renaming Canada to Canadia, to denying that there is any such thing as Global Warming he has consistently made blunders since he became prime minister.

Tony A left wondering why he is Australia's biggest Joke
Tony A left wondering why he is Australia’s biggest Joke

Tony Abbott’s famous wink as a elderly pensioner on talk back radio stated that she was forced into working on a sex line, has added to the fuel that he is a great fool to many.  Remarks about females ironing to that Parental leave is alike to a male having a holiday, leaves one wondering what planet he is from and what century he is living in.

How long can Australia handle having someone with the charisma of a skunk in a elevator, before our reputation is tarnished for years into the future. Stating that we (Australian’s) admired the Japanese skill and sense of honour during WWII.  Tony, you do not speak for all Australians and really need to curtail what you say.  Next we’ll be hearing how good Adolf Hitler was and that you think he was a good role model for all politicians.

Tony, please either resign or call a double dissolution, we urgently need to replace you with a Prime Minister that makes some sense and won’t embarrass Australia.  If the situation wasn’t so drastic for us Australian’s we could afford to sit back and just laugh at your pathetic behaviour.

Road Safety – Do people really care

With all the advertising in the media about reducing road tolls, depicting what using mobile phones and otherwise being distracted, can cause, not a trip out on my bike or in the car goes by without seeing someone using their mobile phone or doing some other thing that distracts them from watching the road.

It really is time that offenders that use mobile phones, read newspapers and other dangerous activities while driving / riding paid higher penalties.  I think bringing in a scheme where offenders are forced to attend accident scenes with Emergency Service Personnel might allow something to sink into their otherwise clueless brains.  Other options might be attending Emergency Wards where victims of accidents are brought in.

Road rules are in place for the safety of all users, some might seem outdated by since they still are listed they need be followed.  Some of the more common things I see nearly every trip out.

  • Using Mobile phone or other media device searching for songs etc
  • Reading a newspaper or book
  • Applying makeup while driving
  • Not using mirrors or using head to look in blind spots
  • Changing lanes through roundabouts to save turning within lane
  • Red light runners
  • Excess speed through suburban streets
  • Cars lane filtering and nearly collecting cyclists and motorcyclists
  • Vehicles weaving in and out of lanes trying to get further ahead, most times catch up next lights.
  • Drivers too busy looking at passengers , talking away and not watching the road.
  • Drivers crossing the solid line at intersections whilst turning out of side streets.

All the above can and do cause accidents and quite often death to innocent road users, I know I would hate to be responsible for any injury or death to anyone else, would like to think everyone else would feel the same.  I think many road users just think, it’s okay I’m a good driver and nothing will happen to me and I can handle any situation.

When I was 16 I went to Townsville for a holiday and went up with a truck driver delivering furniture on the way up. On the way we arrived at a accident scene that had only happened not long before, that has stayed in my mind ever since. The accident was caused by a driver being impatient and overtaking a wide load and crashing head-on into a car with a family in it towing a caravan. Needless to say the family was completely wiped out (the 2 young girls died later, 1 that day the other the next day), yet all in the car at fault survived and all in the car were either drunk or high on drugs.  Worst injury for them was a broken arm.  Seeing bodies fall apart as pulled out of a car is not a pretty sight.

Let’s all try put that extra effort into making roads safer for everyone, so that we can try let everyone get home to their families.

Australia being sold out by our Governments

Our Governments are gradually selling of our publicly owned assets for a quick fix to make themselves look good at budgeting our national and state budgets.  Each government in power blames the previous one for the state of the budget, even though in a properly run system the opposition normally has a chance to vote and veto against decisions made by the government in power. We are seeing this happening with the current federal budget.

Our governments have had over 200 years to get themselves sorted out in running this country for us the public, yet as time progressed they became more and more self serving and more backward thinking in their views on how to efficiently run our public assets to make a profit.  We have the CEO of Australia Post with a yearly income of $5,000,000.00 yet because it is not making enough profit they are dismissing 900 odd employees. In areas they are wanting to change from 5 days a week delivery of mail to 3 days a week, effectively breaching the law by holding up mail delivery.

We the public need shoulder some of the blame, we haven’t been vigilant enough in taking a good look at what our governments have been doing over the years, expect near free public transport and other essential utilities.  We the people should have taken back our say years ago, by exercising our rights under the Australian Constitution, which under that we can demand our governments to do as we will them to do. All we need do is band together and all write letters to the members of Parliament , that it is my will that you do…..

The governments blind us the public to our rights, they tell us they are doing everything for the benefit of us.  In the 1970’s they stopped teaching The Australian Constitution as they wanted to make sure we didn’t know our rights as citizens, they wanted to make changes to the way they had power to make changes.

Ways they could make our public assets run at a profit are really quite simple, much like any business is run.  Work out full costing for supplying that service then work out a per person cost, stop paying CEO s such high salaries and make sure not doubling or even tripling the personnel for each job.  Our public assets should never be privatised for a short term benefit for a government that is in power, what we see then is a high lose in income in that the private companies start making the profit and end up paying close to zero tax.

I personally don’t mind paying a bit more for a service that is publicly owned if in doing so I know the end result is that it benefits all Australians in the long run. One thing I don’t understand is GST on a publicly owned service, we as the public own that service as such, we pay x amount for it when use it, the profit goes into the public purse which the government controls, adding GST only means the public purse gets that extra 10% which if the basic costing was raised that amount they would get anyway..

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Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

The big debate about OMC clubs is whether they are criminal gangs as our governments are saying or victims in a media campaign that is out to frighten the general public.  It has never been proven through our legal system that any Club was a organised criminal gang.

For any club or organisation to be classified as such, it has to be proven that said club solely is for criminal activity and that membership of each member is solely for criminal activity.  So far no club has been found to be fitting of that description under laws that were in place.

There is no denying that the clubs can be intimidating to some members of the public, or that at times can be quite violent, this though is only after they have been attacked or threatened in any form.  Most people when it comes to protect family or friends can and will act in a violent way if they feel that it is the only resort.  With any group of people you can have the odd one or two that thrive on violence, just have a look at the fights that occur at football games or pubs etc.

Most clubs have a code of conduct, whether it be the local dart club or a OMC.  Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs have very strict rules and members create a strong bond with fellow members, this in turn leads to a very protective action when one is attacked or threatened.  Contrary to the spiel by some of our politicians, these clubs aren’t the evil organisations they are made out to be.

Most members struggle through life like the rest of us, trying to meet payments, earn enough to keep the family housed, clothed and fed etc.  Speaking of family, there is one thing even normally the roughest and toughest bikie doesn’t tolerate and that is harming children in any way, whether theirs or a strangers.

Contrary to myths, they don’t go out bashing the general public just to pass the time, in approximately 33 years of riding on and off, any time ran into any club on the road and ended up stopping at the same spot have had quick chats and have always been treated with courtesy and respect.  It is normally a mutual thing, you walk up to them and are courteous you will be treated the same back, walk up all aggressive and you will most likely get a aggressive stance back.

The current climate caused by our politicians in which innocent people are being victimised, having their freedom attacked, having their livelihood taken away and what are those getting attacked do, they sit back and fight this in a legal way.  They mount a High Court challenge to these laws, they don’t go out looting, they don’t go out attacking anyone.  All they want is to get back their freedom and stop the harassment every time they ride, to be able to meet family and friends in the public again, to have legitimate jobs again.

Most of the OMC’s have put on many charity rides over the years, raising money for sick children and for those that are struggling and need help.  These charity rides have had to be put on a back burner as if they do one they will be arrested and have to spend 6 months at a minimal locked up in solitary confinement. Where is any justice in that.

Think twice before you judge OMC members as a whole, that fireman, ambulance personnel or even doctor just might be a member of one of these clubs. Members come from all walks of life, sharing a great love of freedom and riding bikes, if you have never ridden you will never understand why these men form such strong bonds.


Living with a disability

Living with a disability isn’t always easy, especially if the disability is of a non visible disability.  Pain or Mental issues are as debilitating as physical disabilities that are visual.  After being in the work force for approx 30 years, I ended up with back problems that has left me unable to work.  The resulting issues with my back are that I can’t sit for long without extreme pain, can’t stand or walk for any length of time or distant.  Driving a car leads to pain in back and with the pressure on the spine I end up with either numbness in legs or sharp pain in legs down to my toes.

Secondary issues that developed are mental issues, anxiety on leaving the house, depression that gets very bad over the fact that can’t work, these are non visual so aren’t noticeable from those not in the knowledge of their effects.  With these when I do have to leave the house, one of the worse symptoms that occur ends up physically dangerous and that is my breathing tend to contract and if I don’t concentrate on breathing I tend to stop breathing.  Very dangerous when driving as I tend to pass out for short periods if not concentrating enough in mentally telling myself to keep breathing.

Besides the above I also have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists that limit my ability to work or do things with my hands.  I also have diabetes type 2 that was not diagnosed and went untreated for a long time due to working 6 days a week or else working very long days and for a boss that didn’t understand that needed to take a day off to visit doctors.  If I do dose up on pain killers so can use ride-on mower or tractor to clear yard, I then end up for weeks after in extreme pain if try do any small household work.  For some reason taking the medication for Diabetes causes me to be very lethargic  which then in turn makes doing anything for any period harder.

There is a stigma with being unemployed or disabled, you are made to feel like a second class citizen, more so as one that has no physically visible ailment. Nobody should be made to feel a lesser person because they have physical or mental ailments that affect them in a way that stops them working, I can see that this is often brought about because of those that rort the welfare system.