Asylum seekers sent back

Sending Asylum seekers straight back to the regime they are trying to escape from is inhumane and a evil action to do. Our immigration Minister Scott Morrison sees nothing wrong with this, 41 illegal asylum seekers including women and children were intercepted and sent back to Sri-Lanka, some of the Asylum seekers will be tortured for trying to flee.  Scott Morrison remains quiet about the fate of a second boat with 153 persons on board.

It is a tough situation to be in, turning the boat people back or allowing them to arrive and be housed till credentials of each Asylum seeker can be verified.  Australia has always been a highly sort out destination for asylum seekers due to being a country that in general is a very freedom for everyone country.  Sending asylum seekers back to the country where they are treated worse than you would treat a animal is a inhumane and evil act, it basically says that you condone a regime that enslaves and tortures humans.

There is no simple solution that will please everyone, many will see the cost of affording safe protective action as being the main concern, others will just look at the humanity of giving asylum seekers the protection they deserve.  There is also the view of why not go to countries that are nearby or surrounding their home country. In some cases this isn’t viable with the governments running those surrounding countries, most seem to be in conflict with other.



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