Australia being sold out by our Governments

Our Governments are gradually selling of our publicly owned assets for a quick fix to make themselves look good at budgeting our national and state budgets.  Each government in power blames the previous one for the state of the budget, even though in a properly run system the opposition normally has a chance to vote and veto against decisions made by the government in power. We are seeing this happening with the current federal budget.

Our governments have had over 200 years to get themselves sorted out in running this country for us the public, yet as time progressed they became more and more self serving and more backward thinking in their views on how to efficiently run our public assets to make a profit.  We have the CEO of Australia Post with a yearly income of $5,000,000.00 yet because it is not making enough profit they are dismissing 900 odd employees. In areas they are wanting to change from 5 days a week delivery of mail to 3 days a week, effectively breaching the law by holding up mail delivery.

We the public need shoulder some of the blame, we haven’t been vigilant enough in taking a good look at what our governments have been doing over the years, expect near free public transport and other essential utilities.  We the people should have taken back our say years ago, by exercising our rights under the Australian Constitution, which under that we can demand our governments to do as we will them to do. All we need do is band together and all write letters to the members of Parliament , that it is my will that you do…..

The governments blind us the public to our rights, they tell us they are doing everything for the benefit of us.  In the 1970’s they stopped teaching The Australian Constitution as they wanted to make sure we didn’t know our rights as citizens, they wanted to make changes to the way they had power to make changes.

Ways they could make our public assets run at a profit are really quite simple, much like any business is run.  Work out full costing for supplying that service then work out a per person cost, stop paying CEO s such high salaries and make sure not doubling or even tripling the personnel for each job.  Our public assets should never be privatised for a short term benefit for a government that is in power, what we see then is a high lose in income in that the private companies start making the profit and end up paying close to zero tax.

I personally don’t mind paying a bit more for a service that is publicly owned if in doing so I know the end result is that it benefits all Australians in the long run. One thing I don’t understand is GST on a publicly owned service, we as the public own that service as such, we pay x amount for it when use it, the profit goes into the public purse which the government controls, adding GST only means the public purse gets that extra 10% which if the basic costing was raised that amount they would get anyway..

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