Australia’s biggest joke

Australia has become one of the worlds biggest jokes after the many errors our illustrious prime minister Tony Abbott has made world wide. From renaming Canada to Canadia, to denying that there is any such thing as Global Warming he has consistently made blunders since he became prime minister.

Tony A left wondering why he is Australia's biggest Joke
Tony A left wondering why he is Australia’s biggest Joke

Tony Abbott’s famous wink as a elderly pensioner on talk back radio stated that she was forced into working on a sex line, has added to the fuel that he is a great fool to many.  Remarks about females ironing to that Parental leave is alike to a male having a holiday, leaves one wondering what planet he is from and what century he is living in.

How long can Australia handle having someone with the charisma of a skunk in a elevator, before our reputation is tarnished for years into the future. Stating that we (Australian’s) admired the Japanese skill and sense of honour during WWII.  Tony, you do not speak for all Australians and really need to curtail what you say.  Next we’ll be hearing how good Adolf Hitler was and that you think he was a good role model for all politicians.

Tony, please either resign or call a double dissolution, we urgently need to replace you with a Prime Minister that makes some sense and won’t embarrass Australia.  If the situation wasn’t so drastic for us Australian’s we could afford to sit back and just laugh at your pathetic behaviour.

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