Freedom – A right or just a option

For many we don’t think about what freedom really is and how easy it is for our governments to take it away. We all think nothing about meeting friends or family for dinner, a party or even a bbq at a public park etc. For many now, these every day activities are no longer a option, their choice of being in a club with others that share a common passion, that of riding motorbikes has branded them as criminals and unworthy of basic human rights.

You could form of group of people randomly and possibly find that amongst those one or more might have some criminal history, might be a drug user or even sell drugs. One or more might even be thinking about how best to rob you while you are standing around, just waiting to get a chance. With the current Queensland VLAD Act, because this group has one person that is/was a criminal, you all would be associates from being with this person.  You would need to prove your innocence, you will be guilty from just being there.

Many are now facing unemployment, businesses being shut, just because they formed friendships with others that share that one passion.  As with the above example, the government is saying that because you are in a club or were or are associated and that possibly over many years some may or have committed some form of crime, you are guilty by having a friendship with said person/s.

Our constitution was written to protect us from governments that would take the basic rights away from certain groups of people, solely based on their say so.  Whether you think well these laws don’t affect me, you should look at them and think how you would feel if you were.  Taking a look at this in a different light, say you were told that because your neighbour was a criminal, you could no longer run a business because you were associated with said neighbour.  Now you and your neighbour have gone to the pub for a drink, the neighbour from the other side turns up and now because there is 3 in a group you all go to Jail for 6 months for meeting in a public place.

We as a nation should not be allowing our governments to make and pass laws that show prejudice against any group of people, that infringe on their basic rights as citizens of this country.  We need to stand together, to bring our rights back to everyone that is equal to one and all.

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