Living with a disability

Living with a disability isn’t always easy, especially if the disability is of a non visible disability.  Pain or Mental issues are as debilitating as physical disabilities that are visual.  After being in the work force for approx 30 years, I ended up with back problems that has left me unable to work.  The resulting issues with my back are that I can’t sit for long without extreme pain, can’t stand or walk for any length of time or distant.  Driving a car leads to pain in back and with the pressure on the spine I end up with either numbness in legs or sharp pain in legs down to my toes.

Secondary issues that developed are mental issues, anxiety on leaving the house, depression that gets very bad over the fact that can’t work, these are non visual so aren’t noticeable from those not in the knowledge of their effects.  With these when I do have to leave the house, one of the worse symptoms that occur ends up physically dangerous and that is my breathing tend to contract and if I don’t concentrate on breathing I tend to stop breathing.  Very dangerous when driving as I tend to pass out for short periods if not concentrating enough in mentally telling myself to keep breathing.

Besides the above I also have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists that limit my ability to work or do things with my hands.  I also have diabetes type 2 that was not diagnosed and went untreated for a long time due to working 6 days a week or else working very long days and for a boss that didn’t understand that needed to take a day off to visit doctors.  If I do dose up on pain killers so can use ride-on mower or tractor to clear yard, I then end up for weeks after in extreme pain if try do any small household work.  For some reason taking the medication for Diabetes causes me to be very lethargic  which then in turn makes doing anything for any period harder.

There is a stigma with being unemployed or disabled, you are made to feel like a second class citizen, more so as one that has no physically visible ailment. Nobody should be made to feel a lesser person because they have physical or mental ailments that affect them in a way that stops them working, I can see that this is often brought about because of those that rort the welfare system.



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