Politicians – Protected Criminals

If it is good enough for our politicians to brand all OMC’S as criminal gangs because a few members of different clubs might participate in criminal activity, then all our Parliamentary Members should be branded as such.  Over the years we have seen many politicians committing criminal activities such as child abuse, fraud, theft and quite a few others, yet because of parliamentary protection they manage to avoid being convicted as Joe Public would.

If any Parliamentary Member has been proven as committing any form of criminal activity whilst a member of Parliament, they should be forced into doing twice the incarceration times of a ordinary citizen, as they are in appointed job of working for us.  Time and time again all that seems to happen is a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again (or not get caught).

In Queensland, our much loved (his view) Premier has committed what is known as defamation against a few thousand motorcyclists in the protected privilege of Parliamentary protection , by stating that 26 clubs are all criminals.  If you or I did the same thing we would be liable to be sued, yet say it in the capacity of a Parliamentary member and you are protected.

If we are going to have the ability to keep our politicians honest, we need to have them made accountable for every action they do.  This needs to start with lying in election promises, something they all do and don’t care about it, hey it’s just politics.  What other publicly paid job gives you such a lucrative pension after just a few years of being a member and such a high salary, plus the numerous benefits that go with it.

Going by Premier Newman’s VLAD Bill 2013, since members of the LNP have committed crimes, the whole LNP should be classified as a criminal organisation and if he happens to be out in public with either 2 other members or associates then he should face 6 months solitary confinement and wear a pink jump suit.  Oh hang on, he is a (office bearing member – being our premier) high ranking member and as such should face a minimal 12 months incarceration.

Under various Bills and Acts ( Tattoo Parlours Bill, Criminal Code , VLAD etc) Tattoo Parlour owners and workers have to go through very strict policing to keep their licences to operate.  Let’s make our politicians go through the same process, including the finger and palm printing, police checks etc.  How many of our Members of Parliament would lose their jobs under this sort of scrutiny?  I guess we deserve the politicians we have, for too many years we have stood by and let them get away with everything.  It is time we the voting public put aside any difference we have with our fellow voters, put our thinking caps on and make our politicians become honest and do what they get paid for.

Rant over 🙂