Australia on high alert

I try look at the latest news and try not make a judgement too quickly, there is always different views to every story.  Every religion and every culture has different views on what is right or wrong, and in all of them there are those that are good and bad.  We should not judge a complete religion or culture by the actions of the extremist or those that see things different to what we do.

Any extremists that willingly plan and want to carry out any form of act that creates terror by violent acts such as beheading innocent people, needs to be stopped in their tracks.  Here in Australia we have been highly lucky, we haven’t had to live every day in fear of bomb attacks, mass armed insurgents shooting hundreds or thousands to try get their views in the public eye.

When Australia was colonised, it was made a  legitimate act for us to kill and do other inhumane things to the indigenous people that were here long before we came.  It wasn’t every white person that went out killing the indigenous people, that it happened and was legal is past reasonable thinking,  we can’t judge all those living back then by the actions of the few.

Throughout history there has been intolerance from various religions and cultures against any other that was different.  For every religion you will have various levels of dedication and different ways that the bible or instructions / rules will be interpreted.    Who is to say which is the right one, even Christian religions have different versions of what the bible states.  One example is Jesus dying on a cross verses dying on a stake, which is the true version, but both tell the story of the same death.

Love thy neighbour – basically it means to wish or do no harm to your neighbour and to treat them with respect and love them as you would your family.   Most see that as it is meant, some might see that as I will love them as I do my wife or husband and share it with a few cuddles and winks in bed…. To most, we would see the wrong in that and yet others will see it as being good.

The ritual killing of those that aren’t part of your religion is totally wrong, something that can’t be tolerated in these times we are living in.  When people judge a complete group of people based on religion or race, that is wrong as well. In a ideal world we could all live in harmony and have respect for each other, without the need of extremists causing violence and hatred to others and then in return.

If you leave a country because of violence and hatred, don’t start that same action in the country you move to.  History has shown how wrong that is, there is no glory in using violence against those that aren’t of the same beliefs, hate breeds hate, sadly showing  respect to different cultures and beliefs doesn’t always return the same back.

When your religious or cultural beliefs and laws of your country differ from that of a country you visit or immigrate to, you must follow that country’s laws. Australia has numerous different cultural backgrounds and religions, all of which we try make fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Some of the things we don’t allow here are the following, some by law and some are socially unacceptable.

  1. Child Brides – This both by law and socially are not tolerated here .
  2. Child Sex – As Above
  3. Multiple Wives – Not accepted in any form
  4. Physical abuse – Totally not accepted, especially against females and children.
  5. Religious or Cultural laws – We don’t accept cultural or religious laws that violate our legal laws in any way.

Overall we as a nation try accept that various religions etc., do have different theological ideas and customs.  We might poke fun at some but that is generally in humour.   We do try accept most differences in those that come here, though trying to force your customs that breech our basic freedoms in any way will get our backs up.  We believe in that you have your choice of religion, diets or other cultural difference but as above we don’t accept things that go against basic human rights and decency.

When it has got to the stage that the majority have to pamper to the minority it is a very sad state of affairs, when we have to change traditional holiday names because some take offence, this is so wrong.

Surviving dangerous drivers

Motorcyclists on a average need run a high risk every time we go for a ride, not because motorcycles are dangerous,  but because too many drivers fail to look around themselves.  Some drivers become a high risk to anyone around them, as is shown in the following video.

All to often drivers fail to check that a vehicle isn’t in a lane that they want to move into, often they have made a effort of passing other traffic to try get a few cars further in front.  From being highly stressful to very dangerous to the innocent riders or drivers of other vehicles, drivers risk besides killing others, killing themselves and possibly anyone else in their car.  This isn’t only restricted to drivers, some riders seem to not look as well.  In the following example it took a few seconds of beeping on the horn before the female driver even looked.

Trying to survive isn’t only restricted to trying to survive on the road, danger can lurk even in or at shop car parks.  In this following example, trying to keep the back of the bike visible in the left mirror, I stopped because of traffic coming towards me.  The driver of the ute would have had a quick look but in doing so failed to register my bike.  This could have been a lot worse if he had backed out at a higher speed or I failed to notice movement and turned around quick enough to blow horn and yell out to grab his attention.

To everyone out there, try keep yourself and others around you alive by being more aware of everything around you and obeying the road rules.  Life is too precious to shorten it by not being responsible on the roads.