Queensland Elections

Over the years both major Political Parties have proven that they have been unworthy of being in power.  At some stages they have done some good but over recent years they have catered more to major contributors and big businesses over acting for us the people.

It is time we took more care in who we vote for and voting for independents is a good start to making sure that get a more balanced power in the government.  Do take note of what their policies are and who their preferences go to, this way it gives more chance for the party that gets in to be more accountable for their actions.

Our politicians are meant to be their to serve us the general public, to pass laws and act in our best interest, not for the benefit of themselves and big companies.  The selling or leasing of our assets is one of the worse actions a government can do, they will try tell us it is needed to bring our economy back into balance and to make our states stronger.

We have all seen lies from both major parties in lead up to elections, this one sees one politician making promises of major spending in certain areas, though only if they re-elect or elect their members and they stay in power.  This is a sort of bribery for voters to vote for that party, this should see that party kicked out of the political election process and placed on criminal chargers.

Over the last couple years we have seen the Anti Corruption process completely disabled and any action to get the current political party to show accountability halted.  Corruption seems to run rampart in our major parties which only a major change in the balance of power will ever change.

The quickest way to start getting changes made are to NOT vote for the two major parties, vote for independents so that the two major parties are not in the majority anymore.

That’s it for me for now, may add more later.