Cocaine Dealing Footballers still roaming the streets

This is something that will be closely watched by many in the media, VLAD act brought in to combat criminal organisations of which only bikie clubs were illegally named as such.  VLAD is about association of 3 or more people to make up a group, organisation, club etc., whether legal or illegal.

It is clear that this Act was brought in as a personal attack on the rights of bikie clubs to have the same rights as everyone else, plus being a big political stunt to be seen as being tough on crime.  How come these so called sportsmen aren’t behind bars waiting for trial, like what happens to bikies if they happen to meet up and there is 3 or more in a public place and they are just having a quiet drink together.

Clearly if there is 6 players charged / under investigation then going by the logic of the VLAD Act, it is a organised criminal organisation and every member of the club or associates of the club should be arrested if 3 or more are in a public place.  Thing is that no politician will have the guts to follow through this law when it comes to football players and name the club as being a criminal organisation.

Let’s look at some of the various amendments made to other laws where bikies have been affected by.  Let’s make it against the law for Football colours / Jerseys to be banned from any licenced avenue, Footballers or club members to be banned from owning tattoo shops, to work in the construction industry plus many other industries.  Only if this happened would many see what is wrong with the VLAD ACT.

I’m guessing that to a large proportion of the public, brawls at sports grounds that spill out into the crowds or are started in the crowds is acceptable behaviour, starting to look like if a sportsperson it is okay to sell cocaine and other drugs, rape women and other anti social behaviour.  I can hear the cries of but you can’t blame the whole club for the actions of a few, yet this is what has happened with the bikie clubs.  This highlights the fact that criminal activity can occur in any club or group, that you can’t name a complete club etc as being a criminal organisation because of a few bad apples.

Every person deserves the rights and freedoms that are meant for all, if you break the law then you pay the consequences just the same as anyone else that commits the same crime. You can’t judge a whole group of people because of one or two that maybe part of that group.  I’m sure the outcome will prove once and forever that VLAD was just a politically motivated law to make the LNP look good.


Latest info is that they won’t be charged under VLAD because the club is registered under the NRL which is based in Sydney. So it seems if you are a out of state registered organisation you can escape being charged under Queensland Law..

Sudden rush from drug syndicates to move their base of operations out of the state to protect themselves from harsh Queensland Laws.

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