21st Century Australia

For a civilized and modern country we have some quite uncivilized actions by quite a few people.  Thankfully not all of us are of the mind that the following are okay, though many do think some of the following actions are okay.  We really need to join together and bring back the fun loving, laid back lifestyle that we were known to have.

  1. Religious Discrimination:  Because of the extremist of certain religions many have no tolerance towards these religions and would like to deport every follower of them.  Yes some of their religious teachings and beliefs go against what we believe is okay, especially in this age of time.  Not everyone that follows some of these religions take it to the extreme and do try mix their religious beliefs into what we of the western world think is okay by either religious or moral beliefs.  At one stage we were known as a country that were tolerant of all religions.
  2. Violence:  Lately it seems that unprovoked violence is on the increase with coward attacks on innocent individuals that have ended up with severe injuries or deaths.  Sadly there is too often violent clashes between different races, groups, even neighbours on regular intervals.  It would be a nice thing if we as a nation could lead the world in being a country where we fully embrace different races and cultures, be a country where it is safe to go out at all hours and not have the possibility of being attacked.
  3. Domestic Violence:  Something that happens world wide, much as the above section on violence, something that needs serious work to eliminate any form of domestic violence.  Domestic violence isn’t just physical, it is also entails emotional abuse, bullying, degradation and other aspects.  This is something that isn’t only committed by one sex towards the other, it is committed by all family relationships or partner relationships of any kind.  A lot of the time the victim is afraid to stand up for themselves, to leave the relationship or feel they can’t leave, especially minors.
  4. Racial discrimination / Racism:  That this is quite prevalent and our government by laws / acts that are enacted are guilty of enacting racist activities.  Any law that targets one race and either segregates, belittles or causes one race to have certain laws that takes away their freedom is a form of Apartheid.  Our Indigenous people are treated as a lower class of people, even our government treats them as such.  We are in the 21st century, historical racism and treatment of our First People that is still occurring and should never have happened needs to be stopped in its track.  There is no place for racism in this time of living, while history can’t be changed the current and future situation can be and must be changed, this includes all forms of racism.
  5. Attacks against basic rights and freedoms:  The attack against various groups by limiting their freedoms in anyway goes against the basic freedoms that we are all meant to enjoy.  There are various laws / acts that limit the freedom of certain groups to either associate with other members of listed groups, to work in certain jobs, to have a alcoholic drink even in their own yard and limit other activities that we in general take for granted as our right.

No matter what you believe or think of certain groups of people, whether they be of outlaw motorcycle clubs or of a certain race or religion, we are all meant to have the same basic rights and freedoms.  There is no justification in making laws that target certain groups when there were already laws in place that could be used.  Unless you are of any of the targeted groups there is no real understanding by many of how it changes even your own family situation.  Some of the things we take as granted but others face being arrested for or face high fines.

  • Meeting friends in a public place or traveling in a group.
  • Having a drink when finished work for the day and getting home to have a quiet drink on your own property.
  • Attending a funeral for a loved one or a friend.
  • Working in a job that might have worked in for 30 plus years.
  • Being able to partake and teach traditional skills or cultural heritage, having their own language not allowed to be taught in local schools.

The above are only the tip of the iceberg in regards to some of the various laws that are enforce in these modern times.  Anyone that has no criminal history should not have their freedom and rights taken away, just because they are of a certain race or are a member of any club, organization or religion.  There should never be any law that states because a person belongs to a certain group, they should serve 15-25 years over what the current sentence is for that particular crime.

In 200+ years since the British invaded this country, there has been no protection of the rights and freedoms we enjoy for our Indigenous People, it has been the complete opposite. We are the only country that the British invaded that has never recognized the First People as being the sovereign people of this country. Australia is the only country that breaks U.N. agreements on the treatment of it’s Indigenous people, this a big shame and a disgrace to all of us.

We all need to stand together and get our governments to rethink laws that discriminate against people for being of a certain race or being a member of certain groups, we need to make sure that every individual has the same rights and freedoms.  Our governments are gradually taking our rights and freedoms away, bit by bit, group by group, much as governments did many years ago in other countries.  Our government is meant to serve us, to ensure that we are all equal under the law, to be equal in all ways, to make this country a fair place for all, not to take away rights and freedoms from certain groups.

What sort of government steals land from the original owners, then proceeds to try wipe them out, treat them like slaves, destroys their culture and traditional teachings for over 200 years and continues to treat them as a lower class of citizen not worthy of the same basic freedoms and rights as the rest of us.  In areas our Indigenous people had their rightful rights to their traditional lands returned, then our various governments decide they want that land for development or for mining and then force the rightful owners to leave and or lease back the land.

My thoughts on some changes that need be done to make this a country that is a world leader in the treatment of every citizen no matter of race, religion or association to others.

  1.  A bill of rights that replaces our constitution and makes all have the same protection and rights as each other.
  2.  A complete revision of laws and sentencing so that we are all equal under the laws.
  3.  A return of traditional and sacred land to our first people with full ownership rights that are protected for future generations.
  4.  Our governments to be fully open and accountable for all policies that are made, for referendums to be held for any changes to any laws that affect us in any way.
  5. Wages, pensions and entitlements by our politicians to be asset tested as are pensions and payments to anyone on benefits.
  6. Full recognition of our First People as the true sovereign people of this land.

Feel free to share or comment as interested in seeing other opinions as it always opens the mind up to seeing how others think.

Cheers, wishing all a great day.

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