History and the failure to learn from it

The past is seen as unimportant to many, one can often hear or see comments about ‘ That happened 200+ years ago, why is it important today? ‘.  History has a huge bearing on modern life, what happened in the past affects what is happening now.  If our ancestors didn’t meet or didn’t immigrate to here, we wouldn’t be here.

Throughout any nations and other countries history, it is shown how treatment of various races / groups of people create a situation that often goes bad.  The treatment of one race as slaves creates a resentment that goes on for generations, the forced segregation of various races only causes problems.  Even though history shows the errors, we still see forced segregation where if you are a certain race, you are forced to live in certain suburbs or remote areas.

Forced assimilation of cultures into another, forced denying of traditional teachings, these have led various races to lose their history, to lose their tradition languages in many instances.  The biggest group of people to fail to learn are the various governments from around the world, they are the guilty parties that make the rules for all this segregation and denying of traditional teaching.

We are often just as guilty, we see things in the media, we often fail to learn more than what we are taught or have seen on various media formats, either the news or social media.  I know at school it was taught how the British colonisation of various countries led to the betterment of the Indigenous people.  It was taught they were all savages, uneducated, uncivilized and not equal as humans as the British were.  Through the treatment of Indigenous people, the British at that time showed that they themselves were the uncivilized race.  Attitude towards Indigenous people today from many non Indigenous people remains to be uncivilized.

What we in general have failed to learn is how we are lied to by our government/s and how the mainstream media manipulates stories to make on race or group look bad.  The treatment from our government towards our Indigenous people has been a sour point to me ever since I was a kid in school and learning the history of Australian colonisation.  I have to admit that for many years I was a fence sitter, I saw in my eyes what was wrong, and thought there was nothing I could do about it.  It’s only in recent years that I thought about how by doing nothing I was a contributor to what was happening now, by not saying or doing anything about the injustice and wrongs I was seeing.

  • Historical Activity: The British claimed Australia in the name of the Queen without any compensation to the First People that were here.
  • Current Activity: Our current government is trying to force the Indigenous people to give back land they want on so called leases.
  • Historical Activity: Our earliest governments tried hard to ensure total genocide against our Indigenous people, along with slavery, stealing of children, forced lifestyle changes and many other things.
  • Current Activity: Our government has been forcing a form of segregation by forcing our indigenous people into forming communities in the most remote and inhospitable areas, then when they think they can make money from mining etc, try force the closure and retaking of said land.

In recent times, ( withing last 10 years) a major story run by the government and through mainstream media was one about that child abuse was rampart in certain Indigenous communities.  The government used this as a excuse to run intervention laws, limiting the ability of those in those communities to live lives with the rights and freedoms that non indigenous people take for granted.  Out of the 7,700+ cases investigated by the intervention doctors a maximum of 4 possible cases were found.  How can one not see the injustice done towards our indigenous people and how historical events still have a bearing today.  Did the government and media make a apology to the Indigenous people for such a slanderous attack on the Indigenous people as a whole? NO!.

The above case I only found recently through watching quite a few documentaries recently, it is a real insight into how the media portrays what it wants, even demoralizing a whole race of people through lies.  I included it in this blog as a example of just how the media can manipulate a story to cause a bad image of any group of people.

Since the British came here and through successive governments till the current one, there has been the making of people that are made to feel they belong nowhere, that even on their own traditional land that they don’t own it.  What I mean by that is even when the government grants them ownership and full rights ( as long as the government can control it still ) , they have the knowledge that when it suits the government they will turn around and make a way they can move them off.

Our government still uses bribery and trickery to try make our Indigenous people to give up their traditional lands, oh you need more houses in that community, well give us the land back on a long term lease and we’ll build x amount of houses, then only build a couple and say “Sorry no money to build more”.  If as a government, you originally steal the land from the Indigenous people, then give them semi ownership by making a clause you must live as we say, you are in a way treating them as slaves and a lower form of human being.

If we as civilized people sit on a fence and say nothing in protest against injustice or say something in support to oppressed  people, we are no better than the oppressors.  If we as a so called civilized people, stand by watching any injustice to any race or any group of people, we are just as bad as those doing the injustice.

Regarding Australia Day / Invasion Day, if we sit there and the only comment one can give is that it happened in the past and has no bearing now, we aren’t looking at the whole picture.  You aren’t looking at what the day means to those that were living here originally, those that had their land stolen.

How as a nation we can show we have learnt from our history and make changes that will lead towards a healing process.

  • Full recognition of our first people as the rightful owners of this land.
  • Full recognition that our first people are the sovereign people of this land.
  • Ensure that we are all treated as equal and have the same rights and freedoms.
  • Ensure that our government doesn’t take back land that our First People have finally been given as the rightful owners of such land.
  • Recognize that to our Indigenous people our day of celebration the colonisation of this land is to them a day of mourning.  That it is a day marking the theft of their land, culture, traditions and their freedom as a people of this land.
  • Giving our Indigenous people full control of their land, the right to teach traditional skills and languages, ensuring the full protection of sacred lands and ensuring they have full rights of control of these sites.

The above are only a few ways that I think we can show we have taken note of our history and that of our true First and Sovereign people and are trying to replace the wrongs and negatives with some positive actions.  We can’t right the wrongs, we can’t undo the damage done, we can though change the present and the future.

We as a nation should try stand as one, to acknowledge our history, show that we don’t blame the current generation for any wrongs done by or towards our ancestors, that we are willing to embrace each other as brothers and sisters in this great country we live in.  If we don’t join together and become as one people, we won’t have any land that belongs to us, it is gradually being sold off bit by bit to investors from foreign countries.

Historical and the current activities of our governments are becoming one and the same thing, the British stole this land from the First People, the current government is selling it.  If we see great indignation in seeing this country sold bit by bit, why can’t we see how the theft of this land from our Indigenous people is still of great heartbreak today after all the years that have passed by.

We as brothers and sisters of this nation, need to stand as one to make the changes needed, we as citizens of this land known as Australia can make our government make the right changes by letting them know what our will is for our government to do.

The above is my own personal thoughts and opinions on how we haven’t learnt as a nation from our history.  No disrespect meant to any individual or to any group, I write what I think and feel is right and wrong with various subjects.  I try look at everything from different views.

Thought for the day:

Instead of selling our farms to foreign investors, why doesn’t our government return that land to the rightful owners, that being our First People ?  Some possible benefits as I see it, firstly if the farms produce a profit then that profit could be poured back into other communities that our Indigenous people own.  If they are failing as farms as such, it might be beneficial if traditional food was grown as it is proven that the foods that the Indigenous people ate were very healthy.  I just think that it makes more sense to give back to our First People land that is being sold off to foreign owners.



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