Phobias, Racism, Bullying and other issues

In this modern age we shouldn’t have any type of attacks against any one person or group of people.  Stereotyping is a big issue that leads to people thinking one group of people are bad etc., just because of the action of a few.

Phobias: This is a strange one, over the years I have seen people want to distance themselves from others because of one thing or another, such as someone’s race, someone being homosexual, religious beliefs and even age.  I’ve always been one to talk to anyone that wants to talk, there has never been a barrier that made me think ‘how do I avoid this person’.

Bullying: This can be very hurtful and can lead to severe depression and often has lead the bullied person to suicide.  Growing up as a over weight child I coped a bit of bullying but not to the extreme that see in media reports these days.  I’ve often thought about what makes a person a bully, is it something they learn from their parents, is their home life contributing to them wanting to attack others or do they have a low self esteem to begin with that they need make others feel small and useless or ugly etc.

Racism: This is a major issue that will be hard to bring a end to, too many people are so engrained into being racist they wouldn’t know how to change.  What causes racism, is it just the difference in skin colour and looks that various races have?  I for one can not understand racism at all, we all came from the same ancestors no matter what your belief in how the world and we as people came into being.  I’ve seen racism in the workforce as in staff to customers, when none Caucasians came into the place, they were watched every move they made.

Even their voice changed to a slighter deeper, louder and more domineering sound.  I would think to myself, these people coming in to buy things are going to pick up on the way this person was and either not come back or try pick a time they weren’t working.  You treat others with courtesy, respect and as a equal and they will appreciate that for a long time.

Profiling: There are many different styles of profiling, the most common are like the following, a certain race, tattoos, motorcycle riders and clubs or just plain looks in general.  Race profiling is like the above example under racism.  There have been many examples on social media where people state that parents with tattoos are bad parents plus quite a few other things.  Ride a motorcycle and quite often you are automatically profiled as being of a bad character, be in a club and you are then seen as a drug dealing, violent and someone to avoid at all costs.

Profiling leads to many other things such as racism, religious hate, general hate towards certain groups etc.  Main stream media has a lot of blame in bringing out profiling by everyday people.  Quite often they will use images from a completely different story to sensationalize a particular story, or pick out that one fact from a story and run multiple stories on it.

How can we work towards a better atmosphere between all of our different races, cultures and religions?  The first step is trying to get facts, true facts not those generated 2nd or third hand.  Next we try put what we learn into understanding our fellow citizens, try seeing things from their perspective and try see how the hate towards them makes them feel.  There are good and bad in any group of people, try put your energy towards those that are good, always try put the bad you hear aside.

Have a great day everyone.