Sports players – such great examples for kids not!!

Seems like being a sports player people will make excuses for the most disgusting behaviours performed by them.  One of the latest cases being that of Mitchell Pearce, simulating having sex with a dog and peeing on a lady’s couch.  Some of the comments on news articles follow the line of “Oh give him a break, he was drunk and trying to unwind”.

Since when has being drunk been a excuse for any form of animal abuse or any abuse?  Is this really what some parents want their children to think is okay if you are drunk ?  There is no excuse for this sort of behaviour and he is getting of lightly with I believe a $50,000 fine, chicken feed really.  This isn’t the only example of where there is a huge difference in how public thoughts on various news items vary depended on who is involved in the story.

It wasn’t that long ago that here in Queensland a football team had numerous players caught dealing had drugs, all of them were free to carry on as usual, pay a small fine and all swept under the carpet.  If the same number of members from a OMC were caught dealing drugs, they would all be facing a minimal 15 – 25 years sentence with no option for bail till case went before a court.  Why do people think one law is good for one group but not for another group.

If you are a public figure that is looked up to by children, you really need to act in the best behaviour at all times, not carry on in such disgusting ways.  Some of the things that have seen excuses made for various sports styles and their clubs over quite a few years, that by any other group of people there is a big outcry.

  1. Rape: Seems like if females are raped by sports players, they must have led the players on and the deserve it.  Fact is nobody deserves to be raped no matter the sex or the circumstance.
  2. Lewd Behaviour:  Over the years there have been plenty of instances of various sports teams acting in very lewd ways on-board flights, buses etc.  Never any excuse for said behaviour.
  3. Drugs: Whether taking or dealing in illicit drugs this should never be condoned in any form, these are people that others look up to and often many will think, well it’s okay for them to do it.

The above 3 are the most common ones I have seen over many years and which excuses always seem to be made to make light of what has happened.  I honestly can’t believe that so many people find the above okay to sweep under the carpet or make excuses for our sports players.

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