This weeks thoughts on various headlines 21 Jan 2016

Topics covered in this blog.

  • 12 year old handcuffed by police.
  • Teens causing fear when brawling.
  • Lies about VLAD act and results from it.

12 year old handcuffed by police.

Recently on social media a mother posted a video showing her 12 year old son in handcuffs.  Both the mother and her son showed no respect to the police, the son spitting on the ground, telling the police officer if he wasn’t wearing a badge he would kill him.  I have seen so many videos that start half way through a confrontation and where the police have reacted in violent ways, it’s a rough job and coping abuse while trying to do your job would push anyone.

I have also seen videos where yes the police acted way out of hand for no reason and these particular police should be accountable for their actions.  Getting back to the particular case, the police officers remained calm throughout the video even with the abuse they were receiving from both mother and son.  When I was that age if I spoke to a police officer or even any adult like that I would have copped a massive flogging by my dad for not showing respect and for spitting like the kid was.

The child allegedly had been throwing rocks at cars and buses, obviously when the police catch up with someone doing this they will try detain and arrest said person no matter the age.  These days there is so much hate directed to police, some is warranted by some of the police, most are good and don’t deserve it.  When I was 10 I tried taking my mums car and was going to drive to Sydney so I could be with her and my sister, they were only there for a few days, well got caught by the police just outside of my yard and was told by one of the officers if I tried it again I would get his size 10 boots up my backside.  I didn’t dislike all police after that, just that particular one.

If as a child all you see is adults saying “F&^k the police, police are nothing but c%#ts”, you are going to have that attitude unless you are of a age where you can look at it and make your own judgement.

Teens causing fear when brawling.

Well this made me think really hard as well, teens running rampart, brawling and causing fear.  What has lead these teens to think that it is okay to start brawling, especially in a public place?  No outcry by politicians to have teens listed as being criminal gangs and so if there are 3 or more in a public place they will be locked up with no bail.  Oh wait, sports fans often brawl involving sometimes hundreds of fans but that is okay, only fans being high spirited, yet because of one brawl between OMC’s  a new law was introduced targeting all OMC’s.

Not all teens are bad, there is though in general a decline in respect by so many people these days towards others, a general lack of respect towards authority and a general feeling of being free to do as one likes.  There has always been the bad bunch throughout time that believed that the laws didn’t need be followed, will always be this and there really isn’t much we can do about it.  It just seems it is more rampart these days.

Modern life has a lot to do with the outcome these days, where so many of us live in city areas where families don’t have large properties where can have livestock and vegetables growing.  There is nothing to teach children responsibility, respect for the environment or that you need work to gain anything in life.  These days even at a early age, children are expected to have things like iPads, laptops and phones provided by parents otherwise they can’t do school work or homework.  Children don’t have to listen to parents, it’s wrong to give children chores as it is seen as slavery.

Lies about VLAD act and results from it.

Liberal politicians are really sprouting their mouths about how any easing or removing the VLAD Act/s are going to plummet Queensland into a state of utter fear and crime.  They keep saying these acts have been so successful, yet crime has risen since they were introduced, not one single OMC member has been convicted under these laws. $129 million dollars and since 2013 the only convictions have been non – bikies of which 1 was a pedophile with no bikie connections at all.

There were adequate laws in place before hand, all it needed was for anyone to be caught committing a crime or being proved to have committed a crime and they could have been convicted and pay the price of the sentence set for that crime.  Our rights as citizens state we are all meant to be equal under the laws of this country, the VLAD act and associated laws deny certain citizens that right to be equal on the hearsay of one politician naming them as criminal gangs without a court decision being made.

Some of the statements in the media that have been proven incorrect or false.

  1.  There have been 2500+ arrests with over 8000 charges relating to only OMC’s.  Under the VLAD act’s the arrested people should therefore be in prison and there be no bikies out of jail.  Any arrests made against any of the bikies have been under current laws that were in place prior to VLAD came into being.
  2. The OMC’s left Queensland to other states, if that were true why are they all still here in Queensland.
  3. Queensland is a safer place, yeah right, with crime on the increase, cowards punching random people on the rise, and how does all that make it safer?  I read many stories from residents that lived where clubs had their club houses that since these laws were introduced crime has increased. Crime stats show crime is on the rise in general.

Any laws / acts that restrict the rights and freedoms of certain people due to membership of a club, associating with a member of said clubs, or due to race is against the laws that were placed there to protect the rights of everyone equally.

Main stream media has a lot to answer to, they are severely biased in so many of their stories.  The use of misleading headlines to garnish views on social media is rampart, more so from one particular newspaper that will remain unnamed that in general I skip taking note of most of their stories.  False and undocumented stories have led to many people having their lives put at risk due to the stories that were posted and printed.

Thought of the day / week.

Don’t instantly believe everything you see in the media, on social sites or what you hear from others about others.  Don’t spread stories unless you know 100% that they are true and are of a safety concern to everyone around you. Don’t pass judgment till all facts are known to you regarding any matter.

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