Why I am showing support for our First People

First up some background to what makes me the person I am today, growing up I was a chubby kid and felt a outcast at school because most kids didn’t seem to want to be my friend.  Till I was 16 it didn’t seem I would ever have many friends as it seemed nobody wanted to know this overweight boy, then I suddenly lost all my weight and bingo, I was suddenly someone that people wanted to hang out with.

Riding a motorcycle for years I was often on the end of looks as if I had to be of a lower class of citizen, other times asked whether I could supply drugs, stereotyping working away there.

With most of my relatives I seem a outcast, I try get to know the ones I have never met and some I had known since growing up and most seem to ignore me.  You feel like total shit when you feel a outcast to those that are meant to be family or good friends, oh when they need something they want to know you.

How does this have anything to do with our First People you might ask, well it has no comparison to what they have endured since the British invaded this land and stole it from them, the only slightest link is that feeling of being a outcast, me from family and friends, for our First People from their own land.  They have suffered so much over the years it is hard to imagine just how much hurt they must feel.

What do I gain from adding my voice to theirs that they are finally recognized as the true Sovereign people of this land and as the true owners of this land we call Australia, I gain nothing but personal satisfaction that I have added my voice to trying to right the wrongs that have happened over the last 200+ years.

Even today as you read this blog, our government is trying to take back (steal) land from our First People, trying to get the land/s for either building new suburbs or for mining companies to rape the land and destroy more land that rightfully belongs to our First People.  Our government often gives their land back but it is often in the most inhospitable places that for the people living there, there is not much hope of living with what we expect as a given right, things like fresh water, power, shops etc., then the government tries to take even that back if they think some mining company can mine it.

We might not be personally responsible for what has happened in the past but we can as people of this country help change the present atrocities still happening today to our First People.  Don’t judge every Indigenous person by the bad press that is so often pushed on us time and time again, take the time to learn the truth behind what the story is.

I can hear some of the arguments that I have heard or seen on social media going through my head as I write this.  Throwing people into the middle of nowhere and then basically saying there you go, you have to support yourselves now is never a answer. Looks good for our politicians when they say ‘ Look we gave their land back to them and supplied housing ‘ , sadly that is often the end of it.

What are some of the things as a nation we can do to right the wrongs that have been done over a 200+ period.

  • We need the government to recognize that our Indigenous people are the Sovereign and rightful owners of this land.
  • We need put aside differences and work together to improve the treatment of our first people.
  • We need to ensure that the heritage and cultural knowledge is taught in all schools, teaching of the local language of our first people would be a great benefit to all.
  • Education needs be adjusted so that the Indigenous people are not put to a disadvantage or made to feel that they will get nowhere even with putting their best effort in.
  • Traditional teachings and skills need be taught so that they are not lost as so much has been lost over the years.  The losing of so many of our First Peoples history, languages and traditional teachings is a massive lose to all.
  • Traditional burn offs that were performed for thousands of years should be re-established as these help prevent the massive fires we see today.  Thousands of years of traditional burn offs gave growth to new vegetation, burnt of excess material that would burn uncontrollable when left to build.

These are just a couple of ways we can try work together, there is so much more that needs to be done.  It is time we embrace our First People as our brothers and sisters, ask what we can do to help heal the wrong done and the wrong still happening.

Please share if your willing to embrace a new brother or sister in your life or willing to show support to our True First People in gaining back their rightful sovereignty and their right to their land that was stolen from them.  It is time we put down differences and stand together as one people, time to make this country a better place for all.  It is time for all racism and prejudice to end, it is time to build one community, one that helps each other, one that brings us all together, that will stand beside each other, one where we can see eye to eye and say I’m proud and honoured to know you my brother or sister.

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