New harsher laws to replace VLAD

Looks like if you live in Queensland and you ride and belong to any of the listed clubs under VLAD, you can be sure that your rights are going to be screwed over in more ways than one.

Link to full story Government strengthens current laws

Excerpt from above story : Further, Cabinet has agreed to seek to extend beyond licensed premises, a prohibition on persons displaying colours in public places beyond the current prohibition for licensed premises.

This would see any member of any OMC liable to be arrested for just riding around wearing their club colours, because I can’t see members of clubs wanting to give up wearing what they wear with pride.  Even if not a member but wear anything that shows support towards any of these clubs and you would face the same consequences.

Excerpt from linked story: “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members comprise only a portion of the threat that criminal organisations pose in this state,” Ms Palaszczuk said. “However, they are a very visible and intimidating part of organised crime.”

Hmm, yet the money spent on OMC’s far outweigh any money spent targeting any other crimes committed. Why is there a need for laws that target OMC’s as the main emphasis of the law/s?  None of the OMC’s listed and targeted were proven to be “Criminal Organisations” by any court in Australia.

Quote from linked story: Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath said the laws rushed through parliament in 2013 were about exploiting fear for political gain rather than facing the real challenge of combatting organised crime.

How are these new laws being brought in any different to how the 2013 VLAD and related laws/acts were brought in?  These laws are another political stunt to try say the government is protecting the public from so called criminal organisations.  There were enough laws in place to cover any criminal behavior by any member of the public, whether they belonged to a organisation or not.

Another quote : The Taskforce makes it clear the existing laws fail to adequately address other threats to Queenslanders, from child sex predators to evolving forms of organised crime syndicates.

Well doesn’t that kind of prove that the laws were a waste of time in regards to targeting  “Criminal Organisations” and only were designed as a political stunt and to target only “OMC’s”..

I still don’t get how there was 6 or more members of a football / rugby / damn sports team that were dealing in ICE and other drugs yet they get let off with minimal charges and not having to serve 15 or more years as a member of any of the listed OMC members would serve for the same offence.

Firstly Ms Palaszczuk, what you should have done was start from scratch and take all the OMC’s off the list that were politically added and not proven in a court of law to be ‘ Criminal Organisations ‘.  Then scrap the VLAD laws like promised before you were elected, those showing you as a politician that merits being in office.  The money wasted on only 2 convictions could have been well spent increasing the pay of police or adding more police to the force .

Make changes to the laws that don’t discriminate against people for what they wear, for who they know and associate with and that don’t force people out of honest jobs.  As long as I ca remember there has been anti-consorting laws that if enforced would work, give someone a warning not to associate with a convicted  criminal and next time face prosecution if reoffend.

For those that don’t participate in criminal activities and their lives have been ruined completely by these laws, you need understand their frustration at being classified as being criminals without proof or any convictions.

  1. We need laws that treat every person equally,  no matter what race, religion, club etc., that a person belongs to.
  2. We need laws that protect those that work at a earning a living and that don’t force them to lose their freedom to work in a chosen field of work.
  3. We need to protect everyone’s right to free movement and freedom to associate with friends and family without fear of being arrested.

Yes to arresting and convicting those that actually commit crimes, not those that might be associated through being in the same club or group or whatever form of association, especially where it’s family members or paying respects to a lost friend / family member.  How can you make a person guilty without a crime, just be a politician and make the rules up as you go along I guess.

The way bikies are portrayed in so many movies / tv shows and in the media has made many believe that they are all bad criminals.  Do people actually believe that every member that joins the OMC’s join because they think ‘ Oh hey we ca go extort these people or hey by joining this club I can commit all these crimes etc. ‘  I would think that it would be bringing too much attention to a club if that was the case, if criminal acts were the sole purpose of any club wouldn’t they do so in a hidden way like most big time criminal organisations would operate. I mean really when you draw attention without doing any wrong, just by wearing club colours or even being in a group of riders, why would you add reasons for the law to breathe down your neck.

With the number of priests that have been named and proven to be pedophiles, we are told not to judge a complete religious order by that and that the church isn’t a criminal organisation.  We are told though that because of the possible 1 percent of OMC members that might do criminal activities we are to think all club members are criminals.  I would like to see every politician that has attended any motorcycle shows or events put on by any of the declared clubs, this includes charity rides etc. Now for those keep there hands up if they went to any run by one of the clubs more than twice, by the VLAD laws / acts they would then be associates of those very clubs they are naming to be criminal organisations.

I know over the years when it suited various politicians to be in the limelight when OMC’s were raising funds for various charities, they certainly didn’t mind getting publicity with the various clubs they have named as being criminals now.   How ironic would it be if politicians got caught up in their own laws, got to feel what it is like to be named a criminal because at some time they went to various events or charities.

Going by the various news that see on Facebook alone that gets reported, crime hasn’t decreased since the VLAD laws were introduced, seems I see more reports now than what was happening prior to 2013.  If crimes were broken down to what people wore, say blue jeans were worn by 10%, would wearing jeans become illegal to be worn if in groups of three or more?  Statistically speaking you would then have a 1 in 10 chance of being a potential criminal because of the statistics of 10% of criminals wore blue jeans.

Another long rant but signing off now as too tired to add more that won’t end up recycling what have previously written.