Safety around trucks part 1

As I get to record some unsafe driving habits while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, as in some of the AI cars tend to drive like some real life drivers, I will be posting relevant articles to that particular circumstance.  As with all the various classes of drivers, whether car, truck or even motorcycle riders, there are the good and the bad. I in no way am going to enter into arguments over things like oh but truckies or some truckies do this or that, I’m just showing why some actions can end up being lethal when performed around trucks.

Today’s subject is ‘Cutting in front of a truck at lights or while truck is moving’ .  Depended on the style of truck, long bonnet, short bonnet or cab over, the visibility out the front can vary quite a lot.  In the following photos the example is a a modern long nose bonnet truck and visibility is limited.

First image is looking down and shows the distance between the truck and the 2 cars in front, all at a legal distance under normal circumstances from each other.  The second image is from the cab and showing how one car is completely out of vision and most of the car in the very front is not visible.

If this had been real life and I was driving the truck I would have stopped further back so could still see the car in front of me, I was planning on getting these particular shots to highlight how easy a car or other vehicle can disappear from view from within the cab.  This is where a good game comes handy..

Photo 1

Stopped at lights showing distance between vehicles
Stopped at lights showing distance between vehicles

Photo 2

Showing car not visible to truck driver
Showing car not visible to truck driver

Think twice before changing lanes in front of a truck at all times and especially when approaching lights or a intersection, they might not see you there.

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