Gorilla verses Boy

Where does the fault or blame really belong in this sad story where a gorilla was shot in ‘saving’ a 4 year old boy.  The question that keeps going around my head is how did he manage to get into the enclosure?  By reports he had to go under a fence and over barriers to then fall the 4 mts to the water.  He was damned lucky he didn’t fall head first onto some rock.

Sorry if this offends anyone but my feelings are saddest over the gorilla dying because a boy managed to get into his personal space.  Most of us if got invaded by a stranger would protect our home, so far evidence points towards the fact that the boy wasn’t in danger and only with all the shouting did the gorilla become agitated.

The real problem is that a barrier meant to keep humans and animals separated did not do the job it was designed for, so is it the zoos fault or whoever designed the fences and barriers for the enclosure?   The boy will have to live with the fact because he disobeyed his mother, his actions nearly caused his own death and did cause the death of the gorilla.  Till this gets out of the media the mother has to see so much hateful comments directed against her.

It’s a tragic event in that so many tiny thing lead to this happening, one can’t turn back time and change it, what can be done is that something is learnt from it.  Maybe the zoo and other such zoos can have a second look at all their enclosures to ensure another event like this can’t happen again.

Being a Role Model for our Younger Generations

As parents or grandparents etc., we should always try be the best role modes for our children, grandchildren and others out there.  I have tried being a good role model, have failed being that at times but in general have tried to instill in those that I can or those that watch how I live my life.

Some of the most important things that we can as role models show others are simple things like obeying the laws, respecting others, being honest and other good behaviours. Too often these simple things aren’t taught to the generation of today.  Even simple social interaction seems to be a forgotten thing with the number of smart phones, iPads etc., that our youth have these days.

Our young females should be taught / shown that they are equal to males, that there is no excuse for them to be belittled in any way, that violence is not okay.

Our young males need be taught / shown that they should always treat females with respect, not belittle them or use any form of violence towards them.

When there is a father or grandfather that in the learning years of children act in any form of negativity against females, those young children while looking up to the adults will learn those behaviour actions and think they are normal.  Over the years I have seen fathers that by their actions have taught sons that females are not to be listened to or to have any respect shown to them, this is so wrong and often leads to those younger males to behave like their fathers.

Whether what I tried teaching to one of my daughters helped her be the way she is or not, I know I am proud when I see her teaching her children good morals and how it is wrong for them to hit each other or other children, how it is wrong to call others bad names, how it is wrong to lie or steal and to respect everyone else.

If each of us were good role models much of the crime that happens would go not happen, as more people would have respect for others and their property.  This isn’t to say crime would go away completely as there are those that no matter how good they were brought up will do the wrong thing.  All we can ever do is try our best to raise the younger generations the right way to behave and treat others.

Thought of the day: Are we as parents or grandparents being the best role model for our younger generations or are we showing them bad behaviour/s?  We are responsible for how our younger generations see the world.