Karma biting white Australians

I’m sure I will cop some flake or hate over this article, I take that in my stride for voicing my thoughts / opinions on various subjects.  I see quite a few posts on Facebook stating if you can’t assimilate to our culture go back to where you come from.  It has to be said that when the first white people came here they gave no thought to the Indigenous people and their culture, instead they tried to kill all of them off.

Which culture should these current immigrants assimilate with, that of the white invaders culture or that of the Indigenous people?  How can we as descendants of either the original invaders or immigrants tell people to follow our culture when we hadn’t and many still don’t accept the culture of our First Nation People, that were here for thousands of years before white people came here.

The reason I say karma is biting us that aren’t of the First Nation People is because of the treatment out FNP have suffered since Australia was first invaded, they saw their land being stolen from them, their family and friends wiped out, their children stolen and to be treated as second class citizens.  We might not have been around from day 1, many of us turn a blind eye to what goes on even to this day or worse even, condone what happens by accepting it happens and keeping quiet.

We are conditioned to see things as we are taught from a young age and to see the laws of our country as being right, though we have laws that are there for only FNP, only there for certain motorcycle clubs, these laws don’t affect the vast majority that aren’t of either groups of people.  How can our laws be right if they don’t apply to one and all equally?  Our Governments have made it easier for non complying immigrants to try establish laws from their countries because we can’t even have one set of laws for all Australians, without the need for separate laws prohibiting certain people from certain places, certain jobs, having drinks in specified areas etc..

Most of the modern world has based many laws on what has been seen as moral grounds taught by various religions, such as the ones that make marriage or sex with a minor illegal, that of beating a wife, other crimes of violence or abuse etc.  Many of us see these laws as being right and follow those laws without questions, as we see something wrong with doing any of the above actions.  To people brought up under different cultural and religious beliefs see nothing morally or legally wrong, it has been drummed into them from a early age, that these things are okay.

The above aren’t limited to one or two cultures or religions as abuse against children or wives or husbands etc., happen no matter what culture or religion or lack of religious belief one has.  I know another issue is the Halal certification that is being widely growing in many food production names and in general, many feel it is being forced upon them.  Halal food has been prepared according to Islamic law, and is free from pork products, alcohol and certain other ingredients.

I see no real issue with having Halal food available to those that follow Islamic teaching, food manufacturers could produce dual product lines instead of going all out producing just Halal certified products that were produced without it for many years prior.  I understand the concerns that monies raised goes to funding terrorists groups etc., this is a major concern if true.  My understanding of Halal certified meat is to do with the correct draining of blood, this should be able to be done with the animals killed as humanely as possible.

The question I raise is this, how many of us that aren’t of the FNP, have bothered to question any of out FNP about their thoughts to what many of us are saying about if people don’t like our culture to go back home where they come from?

There is no simple solution to what is happening in the world or to this country in these times, one can’t say just because certain people don’t share the same cultural or religious beliefs they should be allowed to immigrate into the country that you live in and call your home country.  Those that don’t follow the laws that have been created for this country should be either sent back to their country at the cost of their original country’s government or jailed.

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