Same sex marriage debate

There is a lot of debate lately about the Same Sex Marriage being made legal, sadly it has brought out the hostility of those on both side of the debate. To me, if two people want to get married and they are of the same sex, so be it, let them get married. It doesn’t matter to me as it isn’t affecting me, it is something that is between those two people. I was brought up that a marriage is between a female and a male, that same sex relationships are wrong. I have relations and friends that are same sex relationships and are very happy with their partners, who am I to say you shouldn’t be in that relationship. I was also brought up not to judge other people or that we have no right to as we aren’t perfect or God.

What does concern me is where words like ‘he, she, boy. girl, mother, father, etc.’, are being cut out of the language that we can speak and the words ‘Mother and Father’ are getting taken of birth certificates. In some countries where Same Sex Marriage has been legalized, they are trying to change the law so that sex with children is legal. Anyone that would want to make it legal to have sex with a minor, is totally sick in my opinion.

Another big concern that I have seen raised is that some of the organizers of the same sex marriage group, are also part of the safe schools program and that some have been said to be pedophiles. I won’t be going into this subject in this post.
Below is a poll which is totally anonymous on whether you think safe sex marriages should be legalized.

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