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Covid-19 settings in mobile Devices

I have seen on Facebook so many posts in regards to there being a notification setting for Civid-19 on mobile devices,, yes in the updates there is a new setting under Google settings. Google already keeps track of your location if you turn it on at all , whether it is so can post to Facebook where you are at or use it for Google maps while driving.

I have no worries about Google maps knowing where I was or where I go, it can be useful if ever questioned by police etc as to where you were on a certain date and time. I know the concern from people is the government gaining access to that information and gaining access to your contacts etc. The thing is that currently under the settings, you need install the Covid-19 app for this to work and the data is meant to be deleted after 21 days, the worry is that the data will be kept longer and 3rd parties gaining access.

The first image is the one shared so much with hype about not having given permission for it, it is a option that had to be installed by whatever operating system your mobile device runs, for people that install th Covid-19 app. The second image shows the screen if people click to see options for the Covid-19 notifications and clearly states notifications can only be turned on if install participating app.

There is no need for the attempt at causing hysteria over the update inserting the option for notifications to be turned on for the Covid-19 app, as stated it is a option that was required to be installed in a upgrade so the app could work to give you a notification if had possible contact with a known Covid-19 infected person.

Cheers, Admin.

Drone registrations

New regulation that all drones must be registered to CASA is coming in, personally I think it is a good thing, though it won’t stop the stupid actions of those that won’t register or care about how their actions cause trouble for legit drone flyers.

I think what CASA should look into implementing is something that they have done in the USA, create a online flight registration system where you can register your flight with time, height, length of flight etc., plus they have certain height restriction near airports and distance based height allowances.

A example would be if you lived within say 5.0 to 5.5 km radius of a airport and lived on property and you wanted to survey your property and the maximum height you would fly your drone is approx 30-35 mts, you could register your flight plan online, wait for approval (USA is approx 30 seconds or so) if approved you could fly your drone accordingly to that flight plan. As with the above scenario say I have a high population of trees on said property and only slash it say every 3 months and know that some trees have branches that are ready to fall and prior to slashing I want to check if they have fallen and are just hanging there ready to drop, I could lodge a flight plan where my flight is under the tree tops and want to check from a safe distance, I could use the drone to check the said trees and see if safe to slash under those particular trees.

Sad thing about it all is that due to the ones that don’t worry about the basic rules and regulations related to flying drone, the many that follow all safety rules pay the price. Adding a few poll questions below?

Do you think registration of all drones is a good thing?

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If registered do you think graded height restrictions based on KMS away from a airport would be better than a blanket flight restriction

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Flight Height Restrictions from 2km to 3km away from a airport or Helicopter pad

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3km to 4km height restriction

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4km to 5.5km

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Spam like posts

Anything that is spam like or has nothing Australian related in the post will be deleted. As in the name of this website ‘Australians For Australians’ this website id dedicated to Australian based news, events etc.

Higher fines for distracted drivers

Queensland will have the harshest penalties for distracted drivers, some would say it is revenue collecting, yet many drivers still drive around holding their phones and staring at it while driving. Distracted drivers do kill, something has to be done about the high death rates and severe injuries caused by distracted drivers.

Nothing seems to get through to so many drivers, all the advertising hasn’t worked. I know from personal experience of being at a fatal accident and seeing bodies getting dragged out of a car wreck, it isn’t a pretty sight.

In view of the high number of deaths due to distracted drivers, do people really think it is about revenue or do people think it is about safety.

Do you think the high fines for distracted driving is fair?

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Proposed 10 year jail term for not unlocking phone

I as yet haven’t got to read the proposed bill as yet, I will attached the proposed bill for downloading or viewing online.  I know personally I wouldn’t want anyone else reading my private conversations with family or friends or having access to my social media or photos etc.

Link to where can find the proposed Bill and link to where can voice your opinion.  Assistance and Access Bill 2018 .

There would be a need to protect people from being asked for no reason to unlock phone, as in randomly asking anybody to unlock the phone because the police just want to have a look at your phone, I can understand if they have good grounds to believe you have committed a crime or have good grounds to believe you are planning on committing a crime.

Gradually we are getting our rights and privacy taken away from us, the government/s already have the ability to watch nearly everything we do.  

Please share so more can learn of the proposed bill and voice their opinions before the 10th Sep 2018, so another bill isn’t passed without the public having a say.  Below is a quick poll about whether you previously knew about this bill and where.

To post your poll vote, just above the “View Results” there is a box which appears when mouse over it, on mobile devices the area of the polls should be greyed out so can see the “Vote” button. Mainly on a computer that can’t see vote button till mouse over it.

Did you have prior knowledge about the new proposed Bill?

  • Yes (50%, 1 Votes)
  • No (50%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 2

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Where did you first hear about this new Bill?

  • Social Media (100%, 2 Votes)
  • Television (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Govermental Advertising (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Other news media outlet (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Friends / Family (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 2

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Same sex marriage debate

There is a lot of debate lately about the Same Sex Marriage being made legal, sadly it has brought out the hostility of those on both side of the debate. To me, if two people want to get married and they are of the same sex, so be it, let them get married. It doesn’t matter to me as it isn’t affecting me, it is something that is between those two people. I was brought up that a marriage is between a female and a male, that same sex relationships are wrong. I have relations and friends that are same sex relationships and are very happy with their partners, who am I to say you shouldn’t be in that relationship. I was also brought up not to judge other people or that we have no right to as we aren’t perfect or God.

What does concern me is where words like ‘he, she, boy. girl, mother, father, etc.’, are being cut out of the language that we can speak and the words ‘Mother and Father’ are getting taken of birth certificates. In some countries where Same Sex Marriage has been legalized, they are trying to change the law so that sex with children is legal. Anyone that would want to make it legal to have sex with a minor, is totally sick in my opinion.

Another big concern that I have seen raised is that some of the organizers of the same sex marriage group, are also part of the safe schools program and that some have been said to be pedophiles. I won’t be going into this subject in this post.
Below is a poll which is totally anonymous on whether you think safe sex marriages should be legalized.

Do you believe that same sex marriages should be legalized?

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Karma biting white Australians

I’m sure I will cop some flake or hate over this article, I take that in my stride for voicing my thoughts / opinions on various subjects.  I see quite a few posts on Facebook stating if you can’t assimilate to our culture go back to where you come from.  It has to be said that when the first white people came here they gave no thought to the Indigenous people and their culture, instead they tried to kill all of them off.

Which culture should these current immigrants assimilate with, that of the white invaders culture or that of the Indigenous people?  How can we as descendants of either the original invaders or immigrants tell people to follow our culture when we hadn’t and many still don’t accept the culture of our First Nation People, that were here for thousands of years before white people came here.

The reason I say karma is biting us that aren’t of the First Nation People is because of the treatment out FNP have suffered since Australia was first invaded, they saw their land being stolen from them, their family and friends wiped out, their children stolen and to be treated as second class citizens.  We might not have been around from day 1, many of us turn a blind eye to what goes on even to this day or worse even, condone what happens by accepting it happens and keeping quiet.

We are conditioned to see things as we are taught from a young age and to see the laws of our country as being right, though we have laws that are there for only FNP, only there for certain motorcycle clubs, these laws don’t affect the vast majority that aren’t of either groups of people.  How can our laws be right if they don’t apply to one and all equally?  Our Governments have made it easier for non complying immigrants to try establish laws from their countries because we can’t even have one set of laws for all Australians, without the need for separate laws prohibiting certain people from certain places, certain jobs, having drinks in specified areas etc..

Most of the modern world has based many laws on what has been seen as moral grounds taught by various religions, such as the ones that make marriage or sex with a minor illegal, that of beating a wife, other crimes of violence or abuse etc.  Many of us see these laws as being right and follow those laws without questions, as we see something wrong with doing any of the above actions.  To people brought up under different cultural and religious beliefs see nothing morally or legally wrong, it has been drummed into them from a early age, that these things are okay.

The above aren’t limited to one or two cultures or religions as abuse against children or wives or husbands etc., happen no matter what culture or religion or lack of religious belief one has.  I know another issue is the Halal certification that is being widely growing in many food production names and in general, many feel it is being forced upon them.  Halal food has been prepared according to Islamic law, and is free from pork products, alcohol and certain other ingredients.

I see no real issue with having Halal food available to those that follow Islamic teaching, food manufacturers could produce dual product lines instead of going all out producing just Halal certified products that were produced without it for many years prior.  I understand the concerns that monies raised goes to funding terrorists groups etc., this is a major concern if true.  My understanding of Halal certified meat is to do with the correct draining of blood, this should be able to be done with the animals killed as humanely as possible.

The question I raise is this, how many of us that aren’t of the FNP, have bothered to question any of out FNP about their thoughts to what many of us are saying about if people don’t like our culture to go back home where they come from?

There is no simple solution to what is happening in the world or to this country in these times, one can’t say just because certain people don’t share the same cultural or religious beliefs they should be allowed to immigrate into the country that you live in and call your home country.  Those that don’t follow the laws that have been created for this country should be either sent back to their country at the cost of their original country’s government or jailed.

A couple of poll questions.

Do you think all Islamic followers / Muslims should be deported or restricted from entering Australia?

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Do you agree that Halal Certified food be available to Islamic / Muslim people?

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50 Dead plus 53 injured in terrorist attack in a night club

Story source 50 dead, 53 injured: Orlando shooting now the worst in U.S. history .

This attack has been declared the deadliest shooting incident in American history and the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11.  This is only one of the many attacks that have been going on for years around the world.  The FBI have classified the incident as a terrorist attack and these types of attacks show that no country is safe from attacks.

To a extent, what is behind the attack doesn’t take away from the fact that this individual thought that it was okay to go out with the intent to kill as many people as he could.  Whether it was religious, a personal dislike for a certain group or whatever other reason, this individual has taken the lives of innocent people that had nothing to do with his life.

The taking of any life is wrong, the taking of so many lives is beyond any excuse you could make, I can understand in a situation where your life or the lives of your loved ones was at risk, that one might want to kill the one or those that are a threat at the time.  One should always try aim for disabling a attacker over killing them.

In the linked article it states the shooting was in a gay nightclub and a news heading I saw on Facebook had the title stating he was a Muslim and a Democratic, so here lies why we can’t judge why the attack was done, without a full investigation to see if any clues to why.  One could say it was a religious attack or one called say he had a dislike for gay people and thought he would kill as many as he could.

If it was a religious inspired attack, it speaks volumes about a religion that inspires its’ believers to kill those that don’t follow that religion. If it was a attack against gay people, it speaks volumes about that persons’ view of others that don’t fit into his belief on how others view life and who they are.  Both of these are so wrong in the thought process.  Over the centuries there have been many wars that churches of different religions have fought in the name of their religion, most have put that into their past and no longer run such campaigns.

It is my opinion that this attack will be used in a political campaign about gun control over in America, the sad part is that gun control doesn’t solve the problem of these sort of mass killings.  Those that are going to want a gun for such a purpose or for armed robberies etc., will always find a way to get a gun.

RIP to those that died in this senseless attack, condolences to the families and friends of the dead, compassion to those injured and to their families and friends.  One can only hope that this incident is not used as a political band standing campaign by any political party, or a hate campaign by anti-religious groups.

My biggest fear as an individual and a person of a tolerant nature towards all others, is that these types of attacks are only going to start getting more frequent and in countries that have so far been safe from these types of attacks.   The thought that any individual or any group of people of any nature, can think that senseless killing of others is okay, is a very scary thing.

Personal note:  Take the time to let those that you care about and that care about you, let them know you care and love them every chance you have, life is never a given certainty, it can be taken at any time.


Victorian man rapes transgender stepdaughter

Story Courier Mail Man Rapes Transgender Stepdaughter

This man is so sick in many ways, raping his stepdaughter and telling her no other man would want her and that she is lucky he is raping her.  Putting the rape aside for now, what sort of stepfather tells his own stepdaughter that no man would want her because she has had a sex change.  How does the fact that she was once a man change the person she is now and make it that no man would want her.

Who did he think he was to judge what other males might want or the act that his stepdaughter might even be interested in males.  Who did he think he was to tell her that her family disliked her now she had the sex change, most family love other family members no matter what, they don’t suddenly dislike family because of their life choices.

Very poor excuse to use that she is lucky he is raping her and using the excuse no other male would want her and that in doing so he was doing her a favour.  If he wanted to do her a favour it would have been to let her know he was supportive of her choice to become a female and let her know that as her stepfather he was fully behind her decision and that she was a beautiful person.  That she had the support of her family, not telling her, her family disliked her now.

Besides the trauma of being raped by her stepfather, this person now has to fight the mental and emotional abuse he gave her.  These are things that all have life long negative thoughts that will haunt a person for life, yes one might hide them for years but they always come back at various times and bring on severe depression.

Using threats to keep her silent and to be able to keep raping her by saying he would ruin her mother’s life, did he not think that if she had said something earlier, those threats would have been a negative threat as he would have ended up as the guilty party.  He obviously has no love for his wife as he could threaten to ruin her life and rape her now daughter who was once her son.

Saying he couldn’t help it because she had become such a beautiful woman and yet saying no man would want her, hello how did he not rape all the other beautiful women that are out there, oh wait, he wouldn’t have been able to bribe them into silence.  Such a sick and twisted male.

So often rape victims are silenced through fear of being ridiculed, blamed for the rape, told they deserved it for some reason or another or other ways.  Being a victim can lead to a feeling of total shame because it happened, that you feel shame because you feel it was your fault or that somehow you allowed it to happen.  A person should never be made to feel any of these or should never be raped in the first place, if one can’t control oneself, one should seek medical help whether through a psychologist or other medical means.

Thought of the day:  Rape through feeling like you have to have sex with a partner / spouse is often the most common form of rape and the least type to be reported.  When one feels that to show you love someone that you must perform some form of sexual interaction is something one should never feel or put up with.  If you truly love someone you would never make them feel like they need to have sex just because you feel like it.

Victorian Police may scan phones to find text drivers

According to a Courier Mail article Victoria-police-may-scan-mobile-phones-for-texting-drivers , Victorian Police may use modern high tech scanners to find text drivers. According to figures in the article over 34,000 drivers were fined in Victoria for texting whilst driving in 2015.  The number of Learners and P platers has tripled over the last 3 years.

Obviously the campaigns showing the dangers of text driving and knowing it is illegal is no deterrent to drivers that think there isn’t anything wrong with text driving or using their phones on social media etc.  What will it take to get through to these people?

When I first got a mobile phone there was no law prohibiting the use whilst driving and yes did use it to answer it at times though did prefer even then to find a place to pull over.  Then the laws were brought in that prohibited the use and fines introduced and I only used it if had a Bluetooth device connected.

Do I think it is a good idea for the textalyser to come into use over here in Australia as is in use overseas ?  I’m in two minds over this, on one side I see it as a great idea if it will have some impact on the number of text drivers stopping to use their phones or being caught, on the flip side I have to wonder whether it will show whether a person was using Bluetooth and the ability to reply and send text messages or answer calls etc., using voice.

These are issues that I think need verifying before it is introduced because if one does the right thing and only use voice activated responses without touching your phone, you should not be penalized as someone that breaks the law.  Another concern I saw raised is just what will these textalysers be able to access as in will they be able to read your messages, contact list etc.

Feel free to comment , share or like on Facebook if you have views on this subject.

Cheers Admin.