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Pottsville Men’s Shed

Although I don’t live anywhere near Pottsville , I believe the debate about the placement of this shed is a very important issue to raise awareness about.  The main argument against building a Men’s Shed at this location is because it is going to be developed in the corridor of 3 different communities of Koalas and would disrupt them interacting for breeding.

My plan is to provide information files for reading or downloading regarding the Koalas and adding more information pages relating to this debate. 

If you wish to send files / images for adding to this pages, please email them to .


Abuse happens by both sexes and towards both sexes

Any forms of abuse are not only limited to being conducted by males,  only towards females,  it does occur that females can be the one committing these crimes.  It also isn’t only old men that commit these crimes, but older males are stereotyped as being the evil ones.

Sometimes as a male there is more of a fear of being ridiculed that if you claim you were forced into sex , then you are thought to be lying, as a female you do have more chance of being believed, though often some will say oh you deserved it because you were dressed a certain way or have such a friendly personality.

In general society has much to be blamed for, for many years it was the general norm that if you were a wife you had to do as your husband told you to do or that the husbands had a right to beat you.  Only in modern societies and modern thinking people has things changed that females are recognized as having rights to not being treated badly by males.  As a male you were thought to be weak if you showed any form of emotion.

As a victim of sexual abuse can you forgive those that perpetrated those crimes against you, I think as a male it could be much easier but that does depend on the circumstances and whether those that committed those crimes offers a explanation and a honest apology to yourself.  It is a individual case by case thing, not something that can be generalized into neat squares.

When it comes to other forms of abuse, physical verses emotional and verbal abuse, the verbal and emotional abuse can have much longer damaging affects on a person than physical abuse.   As someone that has suffered from various abuses from childhood to adulthood I know that the most damaging were those that were verbally directed against me.

The sexual abuse has had the most devastating effect of the physical abuses suffered as it left me with no ability to enjoy sex as a means of pleasure between a couple, it left me very confused and thinking that sex was just a chore and didn’t help with relationships over the years, as I was never one to instigate having sex.   It often caused a no start in relationships because would be partners thought there was something wrong because of a lack of interest in developing the relationship beyond a platonic relationship.

Being belittled in front of others, being told worthless, being told that everyone would be better of if you were dead, leads to a lifetime of self doubt about yourself.  The abuse isn’t always needed to be vocal, even the attitude of others in their interactions with you can make you feel worthless.  Does making others feel bad really make others feel so superior to those they are putting down ?  Obviously it does or they might sit back and try make the other person feel better about themselves.

I combat my depression on what has happened over the years by doing my best to make others feel good about themselves, if this means telling someone they are a beautiful or wonderful person then I will do so.  It doesn’t mean I’m lying, it is just I search in people what is good and try to bring that to the front of what they are thinking about themselves.  Sometimes those that have the most hurt inside, often show a false happy, laughing side so that they can cope with being around people.

Your past can never be changed, just as you can’t change how you acted to others in the past.  You can make a difference in somebody’s life by actually being there for them, not passing judgement on them for what they do or can or can’t do.  There are people in my life that I will be there for them no matter what, I wouldn’t hesitate dying if I honestly thought their life would be better without me being there.  A bit drastic you might think but it is how I feel deep down and yes it leads to a depressive mood thinking about it.

I get told to forget the past, yet those same people hold recent events against me, whether bad decisions made in haste or other more or less important events that have occurred.  I admit that over the years have made some bad choices, some I have to live with till the day I die, others I have tried to fix over the years.

I have built up a barrier over the years and this is often felt by those I hold dearest to me, I can’t show affection towards those that mean the most, yet can hug and kiss people on the cheek if that is how they greet people, it still makes me uncomfortable but can face doing that.  For people I care about I try keep them at arms length away so to speak, will often try drive them away so that they give up and leave me to my own devices.

Thought of the day: One can better oneself by trying your best to making someone else have a better outlook on life, don’t belittle someone because it makes you feel better.  If you are one to use violence against another, stop and take a good hard look at yourself and those you are using violence against.  For those suffering from abuse, walk away from that abuse and let that person know you don’t deserve it.  One should try understand why another may act in a certain way, one shouldn’t judge by what others say or tell you.  The next person you belittle in any way may be the first person you kill by destroying their will to live and they end their life.

Gorilla verses Boy

Where does the fault or blame really belong in this sad story where a gorilla was shot in ‘saving’ a 4 year old boy.  The question that keeps going around my head is how did he manage to get into the enclosure?  By reports he had to go under a fence and over barriers to then fall the 4 mts to the water.  He was damned lucky he didn’t fall head first onto some rock.

Sorry if this offends anyone but my feelings are saddest over the gorilla dying because a boy managed to get into his personal space.  Most of us if got invaded by a stranger would protect our home, so far evidence points towards the fact that the boy wasn’t in danger and only with all the shouting did the gorilla become agitated.

The real problem is that a barrier meant to keep humans and animals separated did not do the job it was designed for, so is it the zoos fault or whoever designed the fences and barriers for the enclosure?   The boy will have to live with the fact because he disobeyed his mother, his actions nearly caused his own death and did cause the death of the gorilla.  Till this gets out of the media the mother has to see so much hateful comments directed against her.

It’s a tragic event in that so many tiny thing lead to this happening, one can’t turn back time and change it, what can be done is that something is learnt from it.  Maybe the zoo and other such zoos can have a second look at all their enclosures to ensure another event like this can’t happen again.

Being a Role Model for our Younger Generations

As parents or grandparents etc., we should always try be the best role modes for our children, grandchildren and others out there.  I have tried being a good role model, have failed being that at times but in general have tried to instill in those that I can or those that watch how I live my life.

Some of the most important things that we can as role models show others are simple things like obeying the laws, respecting others, being honest and other good behaviours. Too often these simple things aren’t taught to the generation of today.  Even simple social interaction seems to be a forgotten thing with the number of smart phones, iPads etc., that our youth have these days.

Our young females should be taught / shown that they are equal to males, that there is no excuse for them to be belittled in any way, that violence is not okay.

Our young males need be taught / shown that they should always treat females with respect, not belittle them or use any form of violence towards them.

When there is a father or grandfather that in the learning years of children act in any form of negativity against females, those young children while looking up to the adults will learn those behaviour actions and think they are normal.  Over the years I have seen fathers that by their actions have taught sons that females are not to be listened to or to have any respect shown to them, this is so wrong and often leads to those younger males to behave like their fathers.

Whether what I tried teaching to one of my daughters helped her be the way she is or not, I know I am proud when I see her teaching her children good morals and how it is wrong for them to hit each other or other children, how it is wrong to call others bad names, how it is wrong to lie or steal and to respect everyone else.

If each of us were good role models much of the crime that happens would go not happen, as more people would have respect for others and their property.  This isn’t to say crime would go away completely as there are those that no matter how good they were brought up will do the wrong thing.  All we can ever do is try our best to raise the younger generations the right way to behave and treat others.

Thought of the day: Are we as parents or grandparents being the best role model for our younger generations or are we showing them bad behaviour/s?  We are responsible for how our younger generations see the world.

Safety around trucks part 1

As I get to record some unsafe driving habits while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, as in some of the AI cars tend to drive like some real life drivers, I will be posting relevant articles to that particular circumstance.  As with all the various classes of drivers, whether car, truck or even motorcycle riders, there are the good and the bad. I in no way am going to enter into arguments over things like oh but truckies or some truckies do this or that, I’m just showing why some actions can end up being lethal when performed around trucks.

Today’s subject is ‘Cutting in front of a truck at lights or while truck is moving’ .  Depended on the style of truck, long bonnet, short bonnet or cab over, the visibility out the front can vary quite a lot.  In the following photos the example is a a modern long nose bonnet truck and visibility is limited.

First image is looking down and shows the distance between the truck and the 2 cars in front, all at a legal distance under normal circumstances from each other.  The second image is from the cab and showing how one car is completely out of vision and most of the car in the very front is not visible.

If this had been real life and I was driving the truck I would have stopped further back so could still see the car in front of me, I was planning on getting these particular shots to highlight how easy a car or other vehicle can disappear from view from within the cab.  This is where a good game comes handy..

Photo 1

Stopped at lights showing distance between vehicles
Stopped at lights showing distance between vehicles

Photo 2

Showing car not visible to truck driver
Showing car not visible to truck driver

Think twice before changing lanes in front of a truck at all times and especially when approaching lights or a intersection, they might not see you there.

Sports players – such great examples for kids not!!

Seems like being a sports player people will make excuses for the most disgusting behaviours performed by them.  One of the latest cases being that of Mitchell Pearce, simulating having sex with a dog and peeing on a lady’s couch.  Some of the comments on news articles follow the line of “Oh give him a break, he was drunk and trying to unwind”.

Since when has being drunk been a excuse for any form of animal abuse or any abuse?  Is this really what some parents want their children to think is okay if you are drunk ?  There is no excuse for this sort of behaviour and he is getting of lightly with I believe a $50,000 fine, chicken feed really.  This isn’t the only example of where there is a huge difference in how public thoughts on various news items vary depended on who is involved in the story.

It wasn’t that long ago that here in Queensland a football team had numerous players caught dealing had drugs, all of them were free to carry on as usual, pay a small fine and all swept under the carpet.  If the same number of members from a OMC were caught dealing drugs, they would all be facing a minimal 15 – 25 years sentence with no option for bail till case went before a court.  Why do people think one law is good for one group but not for another group.

If you are a public figure that is looked up to by children, you really need to act in the best behaviour at all times, not carry on in such disgusting ways.  Some of the things that have seen excuses made for various sports styles and their clubs over quite a few years, that by any other group of people there is a big outcry.

  1. Rape: Seems like if females are raped by sports players, they must have led the players on and the deserve it.  Fact is nobody deserves to be raped no matter the sex or the circumstance.
  2. Lewd Behaviour:  Over the years there have been plenty of instances of various sports teams acting in very lewd ways on-board flights, buses etc.  Never any excuse for said behaviour.
  3. Drugs: Whether taking or dealing in illicit drugs this should never be condoned in any form, these are people that others look up to and often many will think, well it’s okay for them to do it.

The above 3 are the most common ones I have seen over many years and which excuses always seem to be made to make light of what has happened.  I honestly can’t believe that so many people find the above okay to sweep under the carpet or make excuses for our sports players.

Photography – Experimenting with settings.

Besides the serious side of photography, there is the fun side of experimenting to see the what ifs…

Using flash and long exposure:

In this example my neighbour’s grandson wanted a photo of him waving a candle lighter around.  I thought it would be good to freeze him in one spot and have just the flame of the lighter captured without his movement.  Settings are as follows.

Canon EOS 500D
Shutter Speed13/1 second
Aperture F/10.0
Focal Length18 mm
ISO Speed100
LensEF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Flashed used to Freeze movement


Multi shots – one image:

In the following shot I was playing with multi-shot exposures in the one image of traffic.  I think it was about a 5 shot exposure but since it was back in 2010 I think, so can’t give a honest number.


As can be seen, the closest car is close to being a ghost image, no editing to photo.  Always let your imagination run wild when trying to think of fun shots to do, whether you fail that first time or not, it allows you to learn new things about what you can do with your camera.

Happy shooting all.

Prime verses Telephoto lenses

Prime or fixed focal length lenses in general are cheaper and for the price can give much clearer and sharper images over Telephoto / Zoom lenses in certain price ranges.  With prime lenses construction prices are less expensive due to less lens glass being required and a basic construction compared to Telephoto lenses and a higher quality lens can be used.

Some pros and cons for a prime lens:

  • Cheaper price and higher quality for that price.
  • Sharper and clearer images.
  • Lighter weight and smaller size.
  • Have to move more to get the composition want.

Some pros and cons for a zoom / telephoto lens:

  • Ability to zoom in and out for composition.
  • Ideal for photographing wildlife from a safe distance without disturbing the wildlife.
  • One lens covers a variety of situations.
  • Heavier in weight.
  • Poorer quality images (with cheaper models).

Goes without saying that if can afford the more expensive telephoto lenses you will get very good images.   My most used lens is the Canon F/1.8 50mm lens, otherwise known as the nifty fifty.  This was also the only lens out of the 3 I purchased for my old Canon 500D that worked with my Canon 5D MK III.

My next favourite lens was the Canon 10-22mm which I loved for doing landscape and city photos, sadly this wasn’t compatible with the 5D.  When buying lenses try think of future upgrades, if starting out with a cropped sensor and upgrading to a full size sensor your current lenses may not work.  It’s possible to go the other way though so if can buy lenses that are for a full sized sensor camera that fits your cropped sensor camera, then that is a better option.  Always check if the lens will fit your current and possible future cameras to save expenses down the track.

Hopefully this gives the basic differences between fixed and telephoto lenses to those starting out in photography.


Night Photography

One type of photography I enjoyed the most over the years is night photography, some things just look better at night. Some of the following are either handy or a must have to create images that stand out that bit more.

  • Tripod – This certainly makes life much better, especially in doing long exposures.
  • Camera with manual settings – very handy in having the ability to manually set the ISO to a low ISO number, the exposure to either a set time or manual time and setting the aperture to desired amount.  Auto settings often set the ISO to a higher number and try keep the shutter speed as fast as possible.
  • A experimental mind – Nothing like thinking if I change this or change that, what effect will it give?  Simple changes to various settings in a camera can give you a very unique look.
  • Timer / Remote Shutter – Very useful in the shorter exposure shots, even with a tripod you can get camera movement from pressing the shutter.

The following shot is of the Golden Casket Light Sphere at South Bank, Brisbane. Settings f/8, 30 seconds and ISO 100.




Working out exposure times when changing settings.

This is much the same as if doing it during day time shooting, if you have a correctly exposed photograph and want to change either the aperture or shutter speed.  For every step change in one, you need make the same step change in the other, as in if increasing shutter speed to need open the aperture size in the same step count.  For example if a ideal setting was 1/100 sec, f/16 and ISO 100 and you wanted to a shot with f/22 you would need change shutter speed to approximately 1/25 seconds to keep the same exposure. On my camera that equates to 6 step changes in aperture and 6 steps in shutter speed.

So if I was shooting at night and say if a correct exposure at ISO 100, F/1.8 and 1 sec and I wanted to shoot at f/8 I would then be using 13 steps with my aperture and would then need change shutter speed the same amount of steps, which would give me 30 secs shutter speed, as in the above example.  With these examples I was still in the range of settings that can select on the dials of my camera, so how would you work out times where require manual timing?

One quick method is to take note of the shutter speed changes for each step, then working out the pattern of the changes made.  On my camera the steps are 30,25,20,15,13,10,8,6,5,4 and 3.2 seconds on the shutter speeds. If I was wanting to go from f/8 to f/16 which is 6 steps on the aperture I would be wanting to change the shutter speed 6 steps which would give a rough value of 60 to 90 seconds, the 90 due to possible patter change to 10 second step change near the end.

Different scenes with different lighting amounts will require different amounts of exposure, the following was at f/8, 78 secs and ISO 100. From some of my earlier experiments in night photography.


Hopefully the above information is helpful to anyone venturing out into night photography for the first time.  Changing the ISO you would use the same basic formula, though I have found keeping the ISO at 100 or close to it gives the better image quality.  Same cameras can handle higher ISO figures better than others, which is good if trying to take photos hand held as can increase shutter speed fast enough and still get a reasonably good image.



This weeks thoughts on various headlines 21 Jan 2016

Topics covered in this blog.

  • 12 year old handcuffed by police.
  • Teens causing fear when brawling.
  • Lies about VLAD act and results from it.

12 year old handcuffed by police.

Recently on social media a mother posted a video showing her 12 year old son in handcuffs.  Both the mother and her son showed no respect to the police, the son spitting on the ground, telling the police officer if he wasn’t wearing a badge he would kill him.  I have seen so many videos that start half way through a confrontation and where the police have reacted in violent ways, it’s a rough job and coping abuse while trying to do your job would push anyone.

I have also seen videos where yes the police acted way out of hand for no reason and these particular police should be accountable for their actions.  Getting back to the particular case, the police officers remained calm throughout the video even with the abuse they were receiving from both mother and son.  When I was that age if I spoke to a police officer or even any adult like that I would have copped a massive flogging by my dad for not showing respect and for spitting like the kid was.

The child allegedly had been throwing rocks at cars and buses, obviously when the police catch up with someone doing this they will try detain and arrest said person no matter the age.  These days there is so much hate directed to police, some is warranted by some of the police, most are good and don’t deserve it.  When I was 10 I tried taking my mums car and was going to drive to Sydney so I could be with her and my sister, they were only there for a few days, well got caught by the police just outside of my yard and was told by one of the officers if I tried it again I would get his size 10 boots up my backside.  I didn’t dislike all police after that, just that particular one.

If as a child all you see is adults saying “F&^k the police, police are nothing but c%#ts”, you are going to have that attitude unless you are of a age where you can look at it and make your own judgement.

Teens causing fear when brawling.

Well this made me think really hard as well, teens running rampart, brawling and causing fear.  What has lead these teens to think that it is okay to start brawling, especially in a public place?  No outcry by politicians to have teens listed as being criminal gangs and so if there are 3 or more in a public place they will be locked up with no bail.  Oh wait, sports fans often brawl involving sometimes hundreds of fans but that is okay, only fans being high spirited, yet because of one brawl between OMC’s  a new law was introduced targeting all OMC’s.

Not all teens are bad, there is though in general a decline in respect by so many people these days towards others, a general lack of respect towards authority and a general feeling of being free to do as one likes.  There has always been the bad bunch throughout time that believed that the laws didn’t need be followed, will always be this and there really isn’t much we can do about it.  It just seems it is more rampart these days.

Modern life has a lot to do with the outcome these days, where so many of us live in city areas where families don’t have large properties where can have livestock and vegetables growing.  There is nothing to teach children responsibility, respect for the environment or that you need work to gain anything in life.  These days even at a early age, children are expected to have things like iPads, laptops and phones provided by parents otherwise they can’t do school work or homework.  Children don’t have to listen to parents, it’s wrong to give children chores as it is seen as slavery.

Lies about VLAD act and results from it.

Liberal politicians are really sprouting their mouths about how any easing or removing the VLAD Act/s are going to plummet Queensland into a state of utter fear and crime.  They keep saying these acts have been so successful, yet crime has risen since they were introduced, not one single OMC member has been convicted under these laws. $129 million dollars and since 2013 the only convictions have been non – bikies of which 1 was a pedophile with no bikie connections at all.

There were adequate laws in place before hand, all it needed was for anyone to be caught committing a crime or being proved to have committed a crime and they could have been convicted and pay the price of the sentence set for that crime.  Our rights as citizens state we are all meant to be equal under the laws of this country, the VLAD act and associated laws deny certain citizens that right to be equal on the hearsay of one politician naming them as criminal gangs without a court decision being made.

Some of the statements in the media that have been proven incorrect or false.

  1.  There have been 2500+ arrests with over 8000 charges relating to only OMC’s.  Under the VLAD act’s the arrested people should therefore be in prison and there be no bikies out of jail.  Any arrests made against any of the bikies have been under current laws that were in place prior to VLAD came into being.
  2. The OMC’s left Queensland to other states, if that were true why are they all still here in Queensland.
  3. Queensland is a safer place, yeah right, with crime on the increase, cowards punching random people on the rise, and how does all that make it safer?  I read many stories from residents that lived where clubs had their club houses that since these laws were introduced crime has increased. Crime stats show crime is on the rise in general.

Any laws / acts that restrict the rights and freedoms of certain people due to membership of a club, associating with a member of said clubs, or due to race is against the laws that were placed there to protect the rights of everyone equally.

Main stream media has a lot to answer to, they are severely biased in so many of their stories.  The use of misleading headlines to garnish views on social media is rampart, more so from one particular newspaper that will remain unnamed that in general I skip taking note of most of their stories.  False and undocumented stories have led to many people having their lives put at risk due to the stories that were posted and printed.

Thought of the day / week.

Don’t instantly believe everything you see in the media, on social sites or what you hear from others about others.  Don’t spread stories unless you know 100% that they are true and are of a safety concern to everyone around you. Don’t pass judgment till all facts are known to you regarding any matter.

Legal disclaimer *

All the above are my opinions and thoughts and do not reflect the opinions or thoughts of anyone else.