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Motorcyclists – Carrying a high responsibility

As a motorcyclist and road user, we seem to have a great responsibility for every other road users safety and the care of their vehicles.  How this might be the case, you might well ask.  We are invisible and only of a slight irritation to many out there on the road, plus in need of dire eradication if you listen to some.

Making sure cars don't get damaged.
Making sure cars don’t get damaged.

As in the above scene, we realise that the car driver takes no responsibility to make sure the motorcyclist is safe from their bad driving, it is purely the responsibility of the rider at all costs to ensure no damage occurs to the drivers car.  In some circumstances, we might fail in this and still hit the car or lock up our brakes and end up on the road in front of some other innocent car driver, that finds they have the annoying problem of a unplanned speed bump.

Saving that car from damage
Saving that car from damage

Completely unaware of the near destruction of that invisible motorcyclist and how close they came to having their paint scratched, some drivers will drive off as though nothing occurred.  They don’t even give a thanks that we saved their precious car from being scratched, such a thankless responsibility we have.

We are often seen as aggressive and having death wishes, simply because we ride a motorcycle and when our lives are put in danger we might become slightly abusive , swearing and in extreme cases some direct the anger at the car of the driver.  When you have your life put at risk on a daily basis from drivers that just don’t pay attention or just don’t look, you have the occasional lapse of reasonable thinking.

Other responsibilities that seem to be placed on us are, ensuring mobile phone users see us and pay attention, clearing a clear path for tailgaters, often having to break some law so that we can safely get out of their way.  One reason we have this huge responsibility is that many road users fail to take the responsibility of creating a safe environment for all other road users. This does include some motorcyclists as well sadly, which gives the rest a bad name.

In a car or truck, a slight lapse of concentration and if happen to have a minor crash, quite often only your vehicle will be damaged, on a bike the chances are more likely severe injury or death.  In a car or truck , the road surface having potholes, ripples, oil/diesel etc., is a minor consequence, on a bike it can be a major consequence if hit them.

As a car driver you can help make our lives that bit safer by not tailgating us, stop trying to share the same lane, look twice before pulling out and as you are merging into another lane turn your head to check your blind spots.  Another big way is to STOP being distracted by using your mobile phones while you are driving, this includes doing things like reading, makeup, shaving etc.

**Please note: Some of this was written with a satire note to it, the fact remains though that as road users, we that ride motorcycles are invisible to many drivers. We have to try gauge what every other road user is doing, going to do and try evaluate constantly a safe emergency course to take.


Woman claims kidnapped over drug debt

Yesterday at a house in Coomera, Qld., police surrounded the house for 5 hours after a woman ran into a day care centre claiming she had been kidnapped over a drug debt.  It was eventually discovered that the house was empty and claims by the woman to be false.

The woman is facing possible chargers over the false claims which if goes ahead, will see her possibly faced with having to cover the cost of the police operation. Headlines following the incident state as insinuating that the woman was kidnapped by up to 4 ex-bikies, telling the truth about the incident wasn’t attracting enough attention.

One can imagine news reporters ringing up their mate Campbell Newman and asking for help on a headline that will sell, Campbell then phoning Bleijie and in a hushed conference call coming up with the headlines about ex-bikies.  Pretty soon bikies will be the blame for everything, Aliens abduct a family, it will read as bikies abduct aliens to abduct family.  I can only imagine the list growing till Campbell is voted out and even that will be somehow the bikies fault (which would actually raise them to worship level) .

Australia’s biggest joke

Australia has become one of the worlds biggest jokes after the many errors our illustrious prime minister Tony Abbott has made world wide. From renaming Canada to Canadia, to denying that there is any such thing as Global Warming he has consistently made blunders since he became prime minister.

Tony A left wondering why he is Australia's biggest Joke
Tony A left wondering why he is Australia’s biggest Joke

Tony Abbott’s famous wink as a elderly pensioner on talk back radio stated that she was forced into working on a sex line, has added to the fuel that he is a great fool to many.  Remarks about females ironing to that Parental leave is alike to a male having a holiday, leaves one wondering what planet he is from and what century he is living in.

How long can Australia handle having someone with the charisma of a skunk in a elevator, before our reputation is tarnished for years into the future. Stating that we (Australian’s) admired the Japanese skill and sense of honour during WWII.  Tony, you do not speak for all Australians and really need to curtail what you say.  Next we’ll be hearing how good Adolf Hitler was and that you think he was a good role model for all politicians.

Tony, please either resign or call a double dissolution, we urgently need to replace you with a Prime Minister that makes some sense and won’t embarrass Australia.  If the situation wasn’t so drastic for us Australian’s we could afford to sit back and just laugh at your pathetic behaviour.

Campbell Newman does his superman stunt

Campbell Newman has been doing his I can do anything routine with a twist, this time it is I single handedly saved everyone from disaster in various situations. The following article I found quite funny as it runs in with my sense of humour.