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Surviving dangerous drivers

Motorcyclists on a average need run a high risk every time we go for a ride, not because motorcycles are dangerous,  but because too many drivers fail to look around themselves.  Some drivers become a high risk to anyone around them, as is shown in the following video.

All to often drivers fail to check that a vehicle isn’t in a lane that they want to move into, often they have made a effort of passing other traffic to try get a few cars further in front.  From being highly stressful to very dangerous to the innocent riders or drivers of other vehicles, drivers risk besides killing others, killing themselves and possibly anyone else in their car.  This isn’t only restricted to drivers, some riders seem to not look as well.  In the following example it took a few seconds of beeping on the horn before the female driver even looked.

Trying to survive isn’t only restricted to trying to survive on the road, danger can lurk even in or at shop car parks.  In this following example, trying to keep the back of the bike visible in the left mirror, I stopped because of traffic coming towards me.  The driver of the ute would have had a quick look but in doing so failed to register my bike.  This could have been a lot worse if he had backed out at a higher speed or I failed to notice movement and turned around quick enough to blow horn and yell out to grab his attention.

To everyone out there, try keep yourself and others around you alive by being more aware of everything around you and obeying the road rules.  Life is too precious to shorten it by not being responsible on the roads.