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50 Dead plus 53 injured in terrorist attack in a night club

Story source 50 dead, 53 injured: Orlando shooting now the worst in U.S. history .

This attack has been declared the deadliest shooting incident in American history and the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11.  This is only one of the many attacks that have been going on for years around the world.  The FBI have classified the incident as a terrorist attack and these types of attacks show that no country is safe from attacks.

To a extent, what is behind the attack doesn’t take away from the fact that this individual thought that it was okay to go out with the intent to kill as many people as he could.  Whether it was religious, a personal dislike for a certain group or whatever other reason, this individual has taken the lives of innocent people that had nothing to do with his life.

The taking of any life is wrong, the taking of so many lives is beyond any excuse you could make, I can understand in a situation where your life or the lives of your loved ones was at risk, that one might want to kill the one or those that are a threat at the time.  One should always try aim for disabling a attacker over killing them.

In the linked article it states the shooting was in a gay nightclub and a news heading I saw on Facebook had the title stating he was a Muslim and a Democratic, so here lies why we can’t judge why the attack was done, without a full investigation to see if any clues to why.  One could say it was a religious attack or one called say he had a dislike for gay people and thought he would kill as many as he could.

If it was a religious inspired attack, it speaks volumes about a religion that inspires its’ believers to kill those that don’t follow that religion. If it was a attack against gay people, it speaks volumes about that persons’ view of others that don’t fit into his belief on how others view life and who they are.  Both of these are so wrong in the thought process.  Over the centuries there have been many wars that churches of different religions have fought in the name of their religion, most have put that into their past and no longer run such campaigns.

It is my opinion that this attack will be used in a political campaign about gun control over in America, the sad part is that gun control doesn’t solve the problem of these sort of mass killings.  Those that are going to want a gun for such a purpose or for armed robberies etc., will always find a way to get a gun.

RIP to those that died in this senseless attack, condolences to the families and friends of the dead, compassion to those injured and to their families and friends.  One can only hope that this incident is not used as a political band standing campaign by any political party, or a hate campaign by anti-religious groups.

My biggest fear as an individual and a person of a tolerant nature towards all others, is that these types of attacks are only going to start getting more frequent and in countries that have so far been safe from these types of attacks.   The thought that any individual or any group of people of any nature, can think that senseless killing of others is okay, is a very scary thing.

Personal note:  Take the time to let those that you care about and that care about you, let them know you care and love them every chance you have, life is never a given certainty, it can be taken at any time.


Victorian man rapes transgender stepdaughter

Story Courier Mail Man Rapes Transgender Stepdaughter

This man is so sick in many ways, raping his stepdaughter and telling her no other man would want her and that she is lucky he is raping her.  Putting the rape aside for now, what sort of stepfather tells his own stepdaughter that no man would want her because she has had a sex change.  How does the fact that she was once a man change the person she is now and make it that no man would want her.

Who did he think he was to judge what other males might want or the act that his stepdaughter might even be interested in males.  Who did he think he was to tell her that her family disliked her now she had the sex change, most family love other family members no matter what, they don’t suddenly dislike family because of their life choices.

Very poor excuse to use that she is lucky he is raping her and using the excuse no other male would want her and that in doing so he was doing her a favour.  If he wanted to do her a favour it would have been to let her know he was supportive of her choice to become a female and let her know that as her stepfather he was fully behind her decision and that she was a beautiful person.  That she had the support of her family, not telling her, her family disliked her now.

Besides the trauma of being raped by her stepfather, this person now has to fight the mental and emotional abuse he gave her.  These are things that all have life long negative thoughts that will haunt a person for life, yes one might hide them for years but they always come back at various times and bring on severe depression.

Using threats to keep her silent and to be able to keep raping her by saying he would ruin her mother’s life, did he not think that if she had said something earlier, those threats would have been a negative threat as he would have ended up as the guilty party.  He obviously has no love for his wife as he could threaten to ruin her life and rape her now daughter who was once her son.

Saying he couldn’t help it because she had become such a beautiful woman and yet saying no man would want her, hello how did he not rape all the other beautiful women that are out there, oh wait, he wouldn’t have been able to bribe them into silence.  Such a sick and twisted male.

So often rape victims are silenced through fear of being ridiculed, blamed for the rape, told they deserved it for some reason or another or other ways.  Being a victim can lead to a feeling of total shame because it happened, that you feel shame because you feel it was your fault or that somehow you allowed it to happen.  A person should never be made to feel any of these or should never be raped in the first place, if one can’t control oneself, one should seek medical help whether through a psychologist or other medical means.

Thought of the day:  Rape through feeling like you have to have sex with a partner / spouse is often the most common form of rape and the least type to be reported.  When one feels that to show you love someone that you must perform some form of sexual interaction is something one should never feel or put up with.  If you truly love someone you would never make them feel like they need to have sex just because you feel like it.

Victorian Police may scan phones to find text drivers

According to a Courier Mail article Victoria-police-may-scan-mobile-phones-for-texting-drivers , Victorian Police may use modern high tech scanners to find text drivers. According to figures in the article over 34,000 drivers were fined in Victoria for texting whilst driving in 2015.  The number of Learners and P platers has tripled over the last 3 years.

Obviously the campaigns showing the dangers of text driving and knowing it is illegal is no deterrent to drivers that think there isn’t anything wrong with text driving or using their phones on social media etc.  What will it take to get through to these people?

When I first got a mobile phone there was no law prohibiting the use whilst driving and yes did use it to answer it at times though did prefer even then to find a place to pull over.  Then the laws were brought in that prohibited the use and fines introduced and I only used it if had a Bluetooth device connected.

Do I think it is a good idea for the textalyser to come into use over here in Australia as is in use overseas ?  I’m in two minds over this, on one side I see it as a great idea if it will have some impact on the number of text drivers stopping to use their phones or being caught, on the flip side I have to wonder whether it will show whether a person was using Bluetooth and the ability to reply and send text messages or answer calls etc., using voice.

These are issues that I think need verifying before it is introduced because if one does the right thing and only use voice activated responses without touching your phone, you should not be penalized as someone that breaks the law.  Another concern I saw raised is just what will these textalysers be able to access as in will they be able to read your messages, contact list etc.

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Cheers Admin.

This weeks thoughts on various headlines 21 Jan 2016

Topics covered in this blog.

  • 12 year old handcuffed by police.
  • Teens causing fear when brawling.
  • Lies about VLAD act and results from it.

12 year old handcuffed by police.

Recently on social media a mother posted a video showing her 12 year old son in handcuffs.  Both the mother and her son showed no respect to the police, the son spitting on the ground, telling the police officer if he wasn’t wearing a badge he would kill him.  I have seen so many videos that start half way through a confrontation and where the police have reacted in violent ways, it’s a rough job and coping abuse while trying to do your job would push anyone.

I have also seen videos where yes the police acted way out of hand for no reason and these particular police should be accountable for their actions.  Getting back to the particular case, the police officers remained calm throughout the video even with the abuse they were receiving from both mother and son.  When I was that age if I spoke to a police officer or even any adult like that I would have copped a massive flogging by my dad for not showing respect and for spitting like the kid was.

The child allegedly had been throwing rocks at cars and buses, obviously when the police catch up with someone doing this they will try detain and arrest said person no matter the age.  These days there is so much hate directed to police, some is warranted by some of the police, most are good and don’t deserve it.  When I was 10 I tried taking my mums car and was going to drive to Sydney so I could be with her and my sister, they were only there for a few days, well got caught by the police just outside of my yard and was told by one of the officers if I tried it again I would get his size 10 boots up my backside.  I didn’t dislike all police after that, just that particular one.

If as a child all you see is adults saying “F&^k the police, police are nothing but c%#ts”, you are going to have that attitude unless you are of a age where you can look at it and make your own judgement.

Teens causing fear when brawling.

Well this made me think really hard as well, teens running rampart, brawling and causing fear.  What has lead these teens to think that it is okay to start brawling, especially in a public place?  No outcry by politicians to have teens listed as being criminal gangs and so if there are 3 or more in a public place they will be locked up with no bail.  Oh wait, sports fans often brawl involving sometimes hundreds of fans but that is okay, only fans being high spirited, yet because of one brawl between OMC’s  a new law was introduced targeting all OMC’s.

Not all teens are bad, there is though in general a decline in respect by so many people these days towards others, a general lack of respect towards authority and a general feeling of being free to do as one likes.  There has always been the bad bunch throughout time that believed that the laws didn’t need be followed, will always be this and there really isn’t much we can do about it.  It just seems it is more rampart these days.

Modern life has a lot to do with the outcome these days, where so many of us live in city areas where families don’t have large properties where can have livestock and vegetables growing.  There is nothing to teach children responsibility, respect for the environment or that you need work to gain anything in life.  These days even at a early age, children are expected to have things like iPads, laptops and phones provided by parents otherwise they can’t do school work or homework.  Children don’t have to listen to parents, it’s wrong to give children chores as it is seen as slavery.

Lies about VLAD act and results from it.

Liberal politicians are really sprouting their mouths about how any easing or removing the VLAD Act/s are going to plummet Queensland into a state of utter fear and crime.  They keep saying these acts have been so successful, yet crime has risen since they were introduced, not one single OMC member has been convicted under these laws. $129 million dollars and since 2013 the only convictions have been non – bikies of which 1 was a pedophile with no bikie connections at all.

There were adequate laws in place before hand, all it needed was for anyone to be caught committing a crime or being proved to have committed a crime and they could have been convicted and pay the price of the sentence set for that crime.  Our rights as citizens state we are all meant to be equal under the laws of this country, the VLAD act and associated laws deny certain citizens that right to be equal on the hearsay of one politician naming them as criminal gangs without a court decision being made.

Some of the statements in the media that have been proven incorrect or false.

  1.  There have been 2500+ arrests with over 8000 charges relating to only OMC’s.  Under the VLAD act’s the arrested people should therefore be in prison and there be no bikies out of jail.  Any arrests made against any of the bikies have been under current laws that were in place prior to VLAD came into being.
  2. The OMC’s left Queensland to other states, if that were true why are they all still here in Queensland.
  3. Queensland is a safer place, yeah right, with crime on the increase, cowards punching random people on the rise, and how does all that make it safer?  I read many stories from residents that lived where clubs had their club houses that since these laws were introduced crime has increased. Crime stats show crime is on the rise in general.

Any laws / acts that restrict the rights and freedoms of certain people due to membership of a club, associating with a member of said clubs, or due to race is against the laws that were placed there to protect the rights of everyone equally.

Main stream media has a lot to answer to, they are severely biased in so many of their stories.  The use of misleading headlines to garnish views on social media is rampart, more so from one particular newspaper that will remain unnamed that in general I skip taking note of most of their stories.  False and undocumented stories have led to many people having their lives put at risk due to the stories that were posted and printed.

Thought of the day / week.

Don’t instantly believe everything you see in the media, on social sites or what you hear from others about others.  Don’t spread stories unless you know 100% that they are true and are of a safety concern to everyone around you. Don’t pass judgment till all facts are known to you regarding any matter.

Legal disclaimer *

All the above are my opinions and thoughts and do not reflect the opinions or thoughts of anyone else.



Cocaine Dealing Footballers still roaming the streets

This is something that will be closely watched by many in the media, VLAD act brought in to combat criminal organisations of which only bikie clubs were illegally named as such.  VLAD is about association of 3 or more people to make up a group, organisation, club etc., whether legal or illegal.

It is clear that this Act was brought in as a personal attack on the rights of bikie clubs to have the same rights as everyone else, plus being a big political stunt to be seen as being tough on crime.  How come these so called sportsmen aren’t behind bars waiting for trial, like what happens to bikies if they happen to meet up and there is 3 or more in a public place and they are just having a quiet drink together.

Clearly if there is 6 players charged / under investigation then going by the logic of the VLAD Act, it is a organised criminal organisation and every member of the club or associates of the club should be arrested if 3 or more are in a public place.  Thing is that no politician will have the guts to follow through this law when it comes to football players and name the club as being a criminal organisation.

Let’s look at some of the various amendments made to other laws where bikies have been affected by.  Let’s make it against the law for Football colours / Jerseys to be banned from any licenced avenue, Footballers or club members to be banned from owning tattoo shops, to work in the construction industry plus many other industries.  Only if this happened would many see what is wrong with the VLAD ACT.

I’m guessing that to a large proportion of the public, brawls at sports grounds that spill out into the crowds or are started in the crowds is acceptable behaviour, starting to look like if a sportsperson it is okay to sell cocaine and other drugs, rape women and other anti social behaviour.  I can hear the cries of but you can’t blame the whole club for the actions of a few, yet this is what has happened with the bikie clubs.  This highlights the fact that criminal activity can occur in any club or group, that you can’t name a complete club etc as being a criminal organisation because of a few bad apples.

Every person deserves the rights and freedoms that are meant for all, if you break the law then you pay the consequences just the same as anyone else that commits the same crime. You can’t judge a whole group of people because of one or two that maybe part of that group.  I’m sure the outcome will prove once and forever that VLAD was just a politically motivated law to make the LNP look good.


Latest info is that they won’t be charged under VLAD because the club is registered under the NRL which is based in Sydney. So it seems if you are a out of state registered organisation you can escape being charged under Queensland Law..

Sudden rush from drug syndicates to move their base of operations out of the state to protect themselves from harsh Queensland Laws.

More innocent victims from a unjust law

Full Courier Mail Story (Link opens in new tab/window)

Owners of Rockhampton’s Gallery Ink face loss of licence over previous contact with bikies

A Rockhampton couple that have owned a Tattoo shop for 30 years have had their licence to operate taken away. This from being honest and the husband stating had a previous criminal conviction 10 years ago and that they ‘knew’ members of a listed motorcycle club.

Having been in business for 30 years how can this be a issue now just because we have a premier and attorney general that have unconstitutionally named certain clubs as being criminal and all associated with these clubs in any way as being unsavoury .

You only need have attended any show put on by one of the listed clubs more than once to be declared an associate, which according to our premier marks you as a unsavoury character.  If you have been convicted, done your punishment, should you not be given the chance to show you are a law abiding citizen after making a mistake in your past.

Many of our politicians have a non perfect past and they still manage to become politicians, some even continue to live what many would see as dishonest lives.  How can you make people guilty of crimes not committed, how can you justify targeting innocent people and causing their lives to be ruined.  Corruption and dishonesty is running rampart in our governments, yet if you are honest about your past you get shafted by the same corrupt government.

It is time that we make these corrupt governments accountable for their unconstitutional behaviour and get some honesty back.



Children – A throw away to some parents

Lately in the news there are more and more stories of parents killing their kids by different means.  How can any parent not have love for their child/children and destroy that life just waiting to grow into a adult down the track.

Any parent that can deliberately kill their child or children deserve nothing less than life in prison or the death penalty, their is no excuse for taking any child’s life.  Just in the last couple weeks there have been stories about parents stabbing their child, deliberately leaving a child in a car and sexting away, a mother covering her child, walking away and coming back after it is blue.

A child is meant to be a joy from the loving bond of two loving people, even if that relationship ends, the child should never be any less important and loved as if the relationship was still going.  Children don’t ask to be born, they only come into this world because you decided to consummate a relationship of some sort at the time.  There are those occasions that one is born after a horrendous rape etc., these children can be very hard for the mother to keep, adopting them out is often a need for some in these cases.

Then we have the parents that blame either all their children or one of them for every thing that is wrong in their own lives.  No matter how old your children get and whatever they do in life, you as a parent should never turn your back on them.  Once a child reaches the teen years, if they experiment with drugs or sex etc, you don’t need lecture them and make them feel bad.  The best option is to talk to them and calmly try discuss why they are doing what they are and show them through words and action that you will always love them and be there for them.

Then they grow up to be young parents, having a family of their own and this is when they will need you just as much as when they were children.  The greatest moments in my life were when my daughters were born, when each of my grandchildren were born and then being able to watch them all grow up.

Woman claims kidnapped over drug debt

Yesterday at a house in Coomera, Qld., police surrounded the house for 5 hours after a woman ran into a day care centre claiming she had been kidnapped over a drug debt.  It was eventually discovered that the house was empty and claims by the woman to be false.

The woman is facing possible chargers over the false claims which if goes ahead, will see her possibly faced with having to cover the cost of the police operation. Headlines following the incident state as insinuating that the woman was kidnapped by up to 4 ex-bikies, telling the truth about the incident wasn’t attracting enough attention.

One can imagine news reporters ringing up their mate Campbell Newman and asking for help on a headline that will sell, Campbell then phoning Bleijie and in a hushed conference call coming up with the headlines about ex-bikies.  Pretty soon bikies will be the blame for everything, Aliens abduct a family, it will read as bikies abduct aliens to abduct family.  I can only imagine the list growing till Campbell is voted out and even that will be somehow the bikies fault (which would actually raise them to worship level) .