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Proposed 10 year jail term for not unlocking phone

I as yet haven’t got to read the proposed bill as yet, I will attached the proposed bill for downloading or viewing online.  I know personally I wouldn’t want anyone else reading my private conversations with family or friends or having access to my social media or photos etc.

Link to where can find the proposed Bill and link to where can voice your opinion.  Assistance and Access Bill 2018 .

There would be a need to protect people from being asked for no reason to unlock phone, as in randomly asking anybody to unlock the phone because the police just want to have a look at your phone, I can understand if they have good grounds to believe you have committed a crime or have good grounds to believe you are planning on committing a crime.

Gradually we are getting our rights and privacy taken away from us, the government/s already have the ability to watch nearly everything we do.  

Please share so more can learn of the proposed bill and voice their opinions before the 10th Sep 2018, so another bill isn’t passed without the public having a say.  Below is a quick poll about whether you previously knew about this bill and where.

To post your poll vote, just above the “View Results” there is a box which appears when mouse over it, on mobile devices the area of the polls should be greyed out so can see the “Vote” button. Mainly on a computer that can’t see vote button till mouse over it.

Did you have prior knowledge about the new proposed Bill?

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  • No (50%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 2

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Where did you first hear about this new Bill?

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  • Other news media outlet (0%, 0 Votes)
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Total Voters: 2

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New harsher laws to replace VLAD

Looks like if you live in Queensland and you ride and belong to any of the listed clubs under VLAD, you can be sure that your rights are going to be screwed over in more ways than one.

Link to full story Government strengthens current laws

Excerpt from above story : Further, Cabinet has agreed to seek to extend beyond licensed premises, a prohibition on persons displaying colours in public places beyond the current prohibition for licensed premises.

This would see any member of any OMC liable to be arrested for just riding around wearing their club colours, because I can’t see members of clubs wanting to give up wearing what they wear with pride.  Even if not a member but wear anything that shows support towards any of these clubs and you would face the same consequences.

Excerpt from linked story: “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members comprise only a portion of the threat that criminal organisations pose in this state,” Ms Palaszczuk said. “However, they are a very visible and intimidating part of organised crime.”

Hmm, yet the money spent on OMC’s far outweigh any money spent targeting any other crimes committed. Why is there a need for laws that target OMC’s as the main emphasis of the law/s?  None of the OMC’s listed and targeted were proven to be “Criminal Organisations” by any court in Australia.

Quote from linked story: Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath said the laws rushed through parliament in 2013 were about exploiting fear for political gain rather than facing the real challenge of combatting organised crime.

How are these new laws being brought in any different to how the 2013 VLAD and related laws/acts were brought in?  These laws are another political stunt to try say the government is protecting the public from so called criminal organisations.  There were enough laws in place to cover any criminal behavior by any member of the public, whether they belonged to a organisation or not.

Another quote : The Taskforce makes it clear the existing laws fail to adequately address other threats to Queenslanders, from child sex predators to evolving forms of organised crime syndicates.

Well doesn’t that kind of prove that the laws were a waste of time in regards to targeting  “Criminal Organisations” and only were designed as a political stunt and to target only “OMC’s”..

I still don’t get how there was 6 or more members of a football / rugby / damn sports team that were dealing in ICE and other drugs yet they get let off with minimal charges and not having to serve 15 or more years as a member of any of the listed OMC members would serve for the same offence.

Firstly Ms Palaszczuk, what you should have done was start from scratch and take all the OMC’s off the list that were politically added and not proven in a court of law to be ‘ Criminal Organisations ‘.  Then scrap the VLAD laws like promised before you were elected, those showing you as a politician that merits being in office.  The money wasted on only 2 convictions could have been well spent increasing the pay of police or adding more police to the force .

Make changes to the laws that don’t discriminate against people for what they wear, for who they know and associate with and that don’t force people out of honest jobs.  As long as I ca remember there has been anti-consorting laws that if enforced would work, give someone a warning not to associate with a convicted  criminal and next time face prosecution if reoffend.

For those that don’t participate in criminal activities and their lives have been ruined completely by these laws, you need understand their frustration at being classified as being criminals without proof or any convictions.

  1. We need laws that treat every person equally,  no matter what race, religion, club etc., that a person belongs to.
  2. We need laws that protect those that work at a earning a living and that don’t force them to lose their freedom to work in a chosen field of work.
  3. We need to protect everyone’s right to free movement and freedom to associate with friends and family without fear of being arrested.

Yes to arresting and convicting those that actually commit crimes, not those that might be associated through being in the same club or group or whatever form of association, especially where it’s family members or paying respects to a lost friend / family member.  How can you make a person guilty without a crime, just be a politician and make the rules up as you go along I guess.

The way bikies are portrayed in so many movies / tv shows and in the media has made many believe that they are all bad criminals.  Do people actually believe that every member that joins the OMC’s join because they think ‘ Oh hey we ca go extort these people or hey by joining this club I can commit all these crimes etc. ‘  I would think that it would be bringing too much attention to a club if that was the case, if criminal acts were the sole purpose of any club wouldn’t they do so in a hidden way like most big time criminal organisations would operate. I mean really when you draw attention without doing any wrong, just by wearing club colours or even being in a group of riders, why would you add reasons for the law to breathe down your neck.

With the number of priests that have been named and proven to be pedophiles, we are told not to judge a complete religious order by that and that the church isn’t a criminal organisation.  We are told though that because of the possible 1 percent of OMC members that might do criminal activities we are to think all club members are criminals.  I would like to see every politician that has attended any motorcycle shows or events put on by any of the declared clubs, this includes charity rides etc. Now for those keep there hands up if they went to any run by one of the clubs more than twice, by the VLAD laws / acts they would then be associates of those very clubs they are naming to be criminal organisations.

I know over the years when it suited various politicians to be in the limelight when OMC’s were raising funds for various charities, they certainly didn’t mind getting publicity with the various clubs they have named as being criminals now.   How ironic would it be if politicians got caught up in their own laws, got to feel what it is like to be named a criminal because at some time they went to various events or charities.

Going by the various news that see on Facebook alone that gets reported, crime hasn’t decreased since the VLAD laws were introduced, seems I see more reports now than what was happening prior to 2013.  If crimes were broken down to what people wore, say blue jeans were worn by 10%, would wearing jeans become illegal to be worn if in groups of three or more?  Statistically speaking you would then have a 1 in 10 chance of being a potential criminal because of the statistics of 10% of criminals wore blue jeans.

Another long rant but signing off now as too tired to add more that won’t end up recycling what have previously written.


This weeks thoughts on various headlines 21 Jan 2016

Topics covered in this blog.

  • 12 year old handcuffed by police.
  • Teens causing fear when brawling.
  • Lies about VLAD act and results from it.

12 year old handcuffed by police.

Recently on social media a mother posted a video showing her 12 year old son in handcuffs.  Both the mother and her son showed no respect to the police, the son spitting on the ground, telling the police officer if he wasn’t wearing a badge he would kill him.  I have seen so many videos that start half way through a confrontation and where the police have reacted in violent ways, it’s a rough job and coping abuse while trying to do your job would push anyone.

I have also seen videos where yes the police acted way out of hand for no reason and these particular police should be accountable for their actions.  Getting back to the particular case, the police officers remained calm throughout the video even with the abuse they were receiving from both mother and son.  When I was that age if I spoke to a police officer or even any adult like that I would have copped a massive flogging by my dad for not showing respect and for spitting like the kid was.

The child allegedly had been throwing rocks at cars and buses, obviously when the police catch up with someone doing this they will try detain and arrest said person no matter the age.  These days there is so much hate directed to police, some is warranted by some of the police, most are good and don’t deserve it.  When I was 10 I tried taking my mums car and was going to drive to Sydney so I could be with her and my sister, they were only there for a few days, well got caught by the police just outside of my yard and was told by one of the officers if I tried it again I would get his size 10 boots up my backside.  I didn’t dislike all police after that, just that particular one.

If as a child all you see is adults saying “F&^k the police, police are nothing but c%#ts”, you are going to have that attitude unless you are of a age where you can look at it and make your own judgement.

Teens causing fear when brawling.

Well this made me think really hard as well, teens running rampart, brawling and causing fear.  What has lead these teens to think that it is okay to start brawling, especially in a public place?  No outcry by politicians to have teens listed as being criminal gangs and so if there are 3 or more in a public place they will be locked up with no bail.  Oh wait, sports fans often brawl involving sometimes hundreds of fans but that is okay, only fans being high spirited, yet because of one brawl between OMC’s  a new law was introduced targeting all OMC’s.

Not all teens are bad, there is though in general a decline in respect by so many people these days towards others, a general lack of respect towards authority and a general feeling of being free to do as one likes.  There has always been the bad bunch throughout time that believed that the laws didn’t need be followed, will always be this and there really isn’t much we can do about it.  It just seems it is more rampart these days.

Modern life has a lot to do with the outcome these days, where so many of us live in city areas where families don’t have large properties where can have livestock and vegetables growing.  There is nothing to teach children responsibility, respect for the environment or that you need work to gain anything in life.  These days even at a early age, children are expected to have things like iPads, laptops and phones provided by parents otherwise they can’t do school work or homework.  Children don’t have to listen to parents, it’s wrong to give children chores as it is seen as slavery.

Lies about VLAD act and results from it.

Liberal politicians are really sprouting their mouths about how any easing or removing the VLAD Act/s are going to plummet Queensland into a state of utter fear and crime.  They keep saying these acts have been so successful, yet crime has risen since they were introduced, not one single OMC member has been convicted under these laws. $129 million dollars and since 2013 the only convictions have been non – bikies of which 1 was a pedophile with no bikie connections at all.

There were adequate laws in place before hand, all it needed was for anyone to be caught committing a crime or being proved to have committed a crime and they could have been convicted and pay the price of the sentence set for that crime.  Our rights as citizens state we are all meant to be equal under the laws of this country, the VLAD act and associated laws deny certain citizens that right to be equal on the hearsay of one politician naming them as criminal gangs without a court decision being made.

Some of the statements in the media that have been proven incorrect or false.

  1.  There have been 2500+ arrests with over 8000 charges relating to only OMC’s.  Under the VLAD act’s the arrested people should therefore be in prison and there be no bikies out of jail.  Any arrests made against any of the bikies have been under current laws that were in place prior to VLAD came into being.
  2. The OMC’s left Queensland to other states, if that were true why are they all still here in Queensland.
  3. Queensland is a safer place, yeah right, with crime on the increase, cowards punching random people on the rise, and how does all that make it safer?  I read many stories from residents that lived where clubs had their club houses that since these laws were introduced crime has increased. Crime stats show crime is on the rise in general.

Any laws / acts that restrict the rights and freedoms of certain people due to membership of a club, associating with a member of said clubs, or due to race is against the laws that were placed there to protect the rights of everyone equally.

Main stream media has a lot to answer to, they are severely biased in so many of their stories.  The use of misleading headlines to garnish views on social media is rampart, more so from one particular newspaper that will remain unnamed that in general I skip taking note of most of their stories.  False and undocumented stories have led to many people having their lives put at risk due to the stories that were posted and printed.

Thought of the day / week.

Don’t instantly believe everything you see in the media, on social sites or what you hear from others about others.  Don’t spread stories unless you know 100% that they are true and are of a safety concern to everyone around you. Don’t pass judgment till all facts are known to you regarding any matter.

Legal disclaimer *

All the above are my opinions and thoughts and do not reflect the opinions or thoughts of anyone else.



Cocaine Dealing Footballers still roaming the streets

This is something that will be closely watched by many in the media, VLAD act brought in to combat criminal organisations of which only bikie clubs were illegally named as such.  VLAD is about association of 3 or more people to make up a group, organisation, club etc., whether legal or illegal.

It is clear that this Act was brought in as a personal attack on the rights of bikie clubs to have the same rights as everyone else, plus being a big political stunt to be seen as being tough on crime.  How come these so called sportsmen aren’t behind bars waiting for trial, like what happens to bikies if they happen to meet up and there is 3 or more in a public place and they are just having a quiet drink together.

Clearly if there is 6 players charged / under investigation then going by the logic of the VLAD Act, it is a organised criminal organisation and every member of the club or associates of the club should be arrested if 3 or more are in a public place.  Thing is that no politician will have the guts to follow through this law when it comes to football players and name the club as being a criminal organisation.

Let’s look at some of the various amendments made to other laws where bikies have been affected by.  Let’s make it against the law for Football colours / Jerseys to be banned from any licenced avenue, Footballers or club members to be banned from owning tattoo shops, to work in the construction industry plus many other industries.  Only if this happened would many see what is wrong with the VLAD ACT.

I’m guessing that to a large proportion of the public, brawls at sports grounds that spill out into the crowds or are started in the crowds is acceptable behaviour, starting to look like if a sportsperson it is okay to sell cocaine and other drugs, rape women and other anti social behaviour.  I can hear the cries of but you can’t blame the whole club for the actions of a few, yet this is what has happened with the bikie clubs.  This highlights the fact that criminal activity can occur in any club or group, that you can’t name a complete club etc as being a criminal organisation because of a few bad apples.

Every person deserves the rights and freedoms that are meant for all, if you break the law then you pay the consequences just the same as anyone else that commits the same crime. You can’t judge a whole group of people because of one or two that maybe part of that group.  I’m sure the outcome will prove once and forever that VLAD was just a politically motivated law to make the LNP look good.


Latest info is that they won’t be charged under VLAD because the club is registered under the NRL which is based in Sydney. So it seems if you are a out of state registered organisation you can escape being charged under Queensland Law..

Sudden rush from drug syndicates to move their base of operations out of the state to protect themselves from harsh Queensland Laws.

Queensland Elections

Over the years both major Political Parties have proven that they have been unworthy of being in power.  At some stages they have done some good but over recent years they have catered more to major contributors and big businesses over acting for us the people.

It is time we took more care in who we vote for and voting for independents is a good start to making sure that get a more balanced power in the government.  Do take note of what their policies are and who their preferences go to, this way it gives more chance for the party that gets in to be more accountable for their actions.

Our politicians are meant to be their to serve us the general public, to pass laws and act in our best interest, not for the benefit of themselves and big companies.  The selling or leasing of our assets is one of the worse actions a government can do, they will try tell us it is needed to bring our economy back into balance and to make our states stronger.

We have all seen lies from both major parties in lead up to elections, this one sees one politician making promises of major spending in certain areas, though only if they re-elect or elect their members and they stay in power.  This is a sort of bribery for voters to vote for that party, this should see that party kicked out of the political election process and placed on criminal chargers.

Over the last couple years we have seen the Anti Corruption process completely disabled and any action to get the current political party to show accountability halted.  Corruption seems to run rampart in our major parties which only a major change in the balance of power will ever change.

The quickest way to start getting changes made are to NOT vote for the two major parties, vote for independents so that the two major parties are not in the majority anymore.

That’s it for me for now, may add more later.


Politicians – Protected Criminals

If it is good enough for our politicians to brand all OMC’S as criminal gangs because a few members of different clubs might participate in criminal activity, then all our Parliamentary Members should be branded as such.  Over the years we have seen many politicians committing criminal activities such as child abuse, fraud, theft and quite a few others, yet because of parliamentary protection they manage to avoid being convicted as Joe Public would.

If any Parliamentary Member has been proven as committing any form of criminal activity whilst a member of Parliament, they should be forced into doing twice the incarceration times of a ordinary citizen, as they are in appointed job of working for us.  Time and time again all that seems to happen is a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again (or not get caught).

In Queensland, our much loved (his view) Premier has committed what is known as defamation against a few thousand motorcyclists in the protected privilege of Parliamentary protection , by stating that 26 clubs are all criminals.  If you or I did the same thing we would be liable to be sued, yet say it in the capacity of a Parliamentary member and you are protected.

If we are going to have the ability to keep our politicians honest, we need to have them made accountable for every action they do.  This needs to start with lying in election promises, something they all do and don’t care about it, hey it’s just politics.  What other publicly paid job gives you such a lucrative pension after just a few years of being a member and such a high salary, plus the numerous benefits that go with it.

Going by Premier Newman’s VLAD Bill 2013, since members of the LNP have committed crimes, the whole LNP should be classified as a criminal organisation and if he happens to be out in public with either 2 other members or associates then he should face 6 months solitary confinement and wear a pink jump suit.  Oh hang on, he is a (office bearing member – being our premier) high ranking member and as such should face a minimal 12 months incarceration.

Under various Bills and Acts ( Tattoo Parlours Bill, Criminal Code , VLAD etc) Tattoo Parlour owners and workers have to go through very strict policing to keep their licences to operate.  Let’s make our politicians go through the same process, including the finger and palm printing, police checks etc.  How many of our Members of Parliament would lose their jobs under this sort of scrutiny?  I guess we deserve the politicians we have, for too many years we have stood by and let them get away with everything.  It is time we the voting public put aside any difference we have with our fellow voters, put our thinking caps on and make our politicians become honest and do what they get paid for.

Rant over 🙂

G20 Red Zone

During the G20 Summit, the government has decided that the area in the red zone is a semi no go zone. Travel through this area will be restricted and heavily enforced.  In a smaller area in this zone you better hope you have proper clearance to enter the security restricted zone.

G20 Red Security Zone
G20 Red Security Zone

Being a red zone makes it sound more like a large red light district, though in this case, a district for corrupt politicians to work out how to screw over the public and take away more rights and freedoms.  Past summits have shown the tendencies for over policing and arrests being made to hold any citizen that ventures too near for the period of the summit.

I can understand that in general it would be a security nightmare in securing the safety of the various leaders attending the summit.  No government holding these summits wants anything to happen to any of the leaders in their own country, so security would be at the maximum alertness throughout the period.

During this period it will be a chargeable offence to carry various items, unless you can prove purchased them and heading straight home.  Things like kites are another item that is restricted in the inner restricted zones, amongst the normal every day items are things like flour,eggs and other throw-able items of food etc.

If you have a r/c plane/helicopter think twice about flying it anywhere around this area, you could end up facing time in a cell during the rest of the summit at minimal.

Australia’s biggest joke

Australia has become one of the worlds biggest jokes after the many errors our illustrious prime minister Tony Abbott has made world wide. From renaming Canada to Canadia, to denying that there is any such thing as Global Warming he has consistently made blunders since he became prime minister.

Tony A left wondering why he is Australia's biggest Joke
Tony A left wondering why he is Australia’s biggest Joke

Tony Abbott’s famous wink as a elderly pensioner on talk back radio stated that she was forced into working on a sex line, has added to the fuel that he is a great fool to many.  Remarks about females ironing to that Parental leave is alike to a male having a holiday, leaves one wondering what planet he is from and what century he is living in.

How long can Australia handle having someone with the charisma of a skunk in a elevator, before our reputation is tarnished for years into the future. Stating that we (Australian’s) admired the Japanese skill and sense of honour during WWII.  Tony, you do not speak for all Australians and really need to curtail what you say.  Next we’ll be hearing how good Adolf Hitler was and that you think he was a good role model for all politicians.

Tony, please either resign or call a double dissolution, we urgently need to replace you with a Prime Minister that makes some sense and won’t embarrass Australia.  If the situation wasn’t so drastic for us Australian’s we could afford to sit back and just laugh at your pathetic behaviour.

Australia being sold out by our Governments

Our Governments are gradually selling of our publicly owned assets for a quick fix to make themselves look good at budgeting our national and state budgets.  Each government in power blames the previous one for the state of the budget, even though in a properly run system the opposition normally has a chance to vote and veto against decisions made by the government in power. We are seeing this happening with the current federal budget.

Our governments have had over 200 years to get themselves sorted out in running this country for us the public, yet as time progressed they became more and more self serving and more backward thinking in their views on how to efficiently run our public assets to make a profit.  We have the CEO of Australia Post with a yearly income of $5,000,000.00 yet because it is not making enough profit they are dismissing 900 odd employees. In areas they are wanting to change from 5 days a week delivery of mail to 3 days a week, effectively breaching the law by holding up mail delivery.

We the public need shoulder some of the blame, we haven’t been vigilant enough in taking a good look at what our governments have been doing over the years, expect near free public transport and other essential utilities.  We the people should have taken back our say years ago, by exercising our rights under the Australian Constitution, which under that we can demand our governments to do as we will them to do. All we need do is band together and all write letters to the members of Parliament , that it is my will that you do…..

The governments blind us the public to our rights, they tell us they are doing everything for the benefit of us.  In the 1970’s they stopped teaching The Australian Constitution as they wanted to make sure we didn’t know our rights as citizens, they wanted to make changes to the way they had power to make changes.

Ways they could make our public assets run at a profit are really quite simple, much like any business is run.  Work out full costing for supplying that service then work out a per person cost, stop paying CEO s such high salaries and make sure not doubling or even tripling the personnel for each job.  Our public assets should never be privatised for a short term benefit for a government that is in power, what we see then is a high lose in income in that the private companies start making the profit and end up paying close to zero tax.

I personally don’t mind paying a bit more for a service that is publicly owned if in doing so I know the end result is that it benefits all Australians in the long run. One thing I don’t understand is GST on a publicly owned service, we as the public own that service as such, we pay x amount for it when use it, the profit goes into the public purse which the government controls, adding GST only means the public purse gets that extra 10% which if the basic costing was raised that amount they would get anyway..

Quick poll on whether you think public assets should be privatised.

Should our Public assets be privitised

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Asylum seekers sent back

Sending Asylum seekers straight back to the regime they are trying to escape from is inhumane and a evil action to do. Our immigration Minister Scott Morrison sees nothing wrong with this, 41 illegal asylum seekers including women and children were intercepted and sent back to Sri-Lanka, some of the Asylum seekers will be tortured for trying to flee.  Scott Morrison remains quiet about the fate of a second boat with 153 persons on board.

It is a tough situation to be in, turning the boat people back or allowing them to arrive and be housed till credentials of each Asylum seeker can be verified.  Australia has always been a highly sort out destination for asylum seekers due to being a country that in general is a very freedom for everyone country.  Sending asylum seekers back to the country where they are treated worse than you would treat a animal is a inhumane and evil act, it basically says that you condone a regime that enslaves and tortures humans.

There is no simple solution that will please everyone, many will see the cost of affording safe protective action as being the main concern, others will just look at the humanity of giving asylum seekers the protection they deserve.  There is also the view of why not go to countries that are nearby or surrounding their home country. In some cases this isn’t viable with the governments running those surrounding countries, most seem to be in conflict with other.