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Campbell Newman does his superman stunt

Campbell Newman has been doing his I can do anything routine with a twist, this time it is I single handedly saved everyone from disaster in various situations. The following article I found quite funny as it runs in with my sense of humour.

Built with ignorance and arrogance

Australia was invaded by the British, who brought with them their ignorance and arrogance towards the indigenous people that were living here for thousands of years. This isn’t only something limited to the British, throughout history invaded countries the native people were treated as sub cultured species by the invading parties.

It was only in the 1960’s that the Aboriginal / Indigenous people were actually classified as humans, prior to that they were listed under flora/fauna. How demoralising this would be many of us would never understand, most of us are brought up in life without this distinction being there. In many countries this class distinction is still very active, sadly racism is still very active every where you look.

In the 21st century our political leaders still show that same ignorance and that same arrogance, but it is directed against those that aren’t fortunate enough to be of the very rich or of those that are in need.  Our Prime Minister recently showed this when he stated that Australia was “Unsettled” prior to the British coming here. With that one comment it has shown a total disregard to those who their ancestors lived here for thousands of years before the British arrived. Attacking those on benefits, whether unemployed,disabled,aged pensioners or other welfare dependant people, is just a attack on a large group of people that he doesn’t give a rats backside about.

In any group or organisation you will find someone that will want to get the benefit of something even if means rorting the system. Even our parliamentary members are well known for doing this, in one way they lead by example. Most of Parliamentary Members show a true arrogance by saying that we (the people) need to tighten our belts and expect tough times ahead, yet continue to make full use of tax payers money to pay for their lunches, travel costs etc and yet earn high salaries and will receive high pensions once they quit for the rest of their lives.

More to come when not so angry thinking about our ignorant politicians and the treatment of fellow Australians.



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Australia – Entering a dark time

Australia is entering a dark time for freedom of it’s population and a bad economical low for many. Governments are all about blaming previous governments, trying to make themselves look like they are doing a great job and feeding their own agendas and glorifying their own party. It is time our governments took a good hard look and actually did what they are meant to do as the serving party in power.

Various state governments are looking at and have taken steps to limit the freedom and make harsher penalties for one group of people, this being Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. In the Australian Constitution we are all meant to be equal in our freedom and before the law. (This covered elsewhere in a post and in future posts)

Our Federal (Commonwealth) Government is targeting the unemployed, retired pensioners, disabled pensioners and other welfare recipients with cuts and attacking the unemployed with severe cuts to the benefits they receive. Cuts are being made in the public sectors and plans made for selling off our public services to private corporations or foreign investors.

Crime will be on the increase as we see more families under the poverty line due to the inability to get work or receive benefits that help keep families housed and feed.  Our politicians fail to see beyond the short term political benefits they envision from taking certain budget attacks. Tighter restrictions do need to be put into place to catch those that use fraud to receive benefits. I know of one family where half of their kids have received benefits for years yet were working at the same time. Cheats like that need to be made to pay back all the money they received.

While the average Australian pays a decent amount of tax from earnings and with the GST, large corporations are getting away with minimal tax.  The tax system needs a complete overhaul so that large corporations are not getting away with basically tax evasion due to legal loopholes put into plus by our government. I would love to see our government actually serve the public as they are meant to, not try dictate how we should live to benefit them.


Freedom – A right or just a option

For many we don’t think about what freedom really is and how easy it is for our governments to take it away. We all think nothing about meeting friends or family for dinner, a party or even a bbq at a public park etc. For many now, these every day activities are no longer a option, their choice of being in a club with others that share a common passion, that of riding motorbikes has branded them as criminals and unworthy of basic human rights.

You could form of group of people randomly and possibly find that amongst those one or more might have some criminal history, might be a drug user or even sell drugs. One or more might even be thinking about how best to rob you while you are standing around, just waiting to get a chance. With the current Queensland VLAD Act, because this group has one person that is/was a criminal, you all would be associates from being with this person.  You would need to prove your innocence, you will be guilty from just being there.

Many are now facing unemployment, businesses being shut, just because they formed friendships with others that share that one passion.  As with the above example, the government is saying that because you are in a club or were or are associated and that possibly over many years some may or have committed some form of crime, you are guilty by having a friendship with said person/s.

Our constitution was written to protect us from governments that would take the basic rights away from certain groups of people, solely based on their say so.  Whether you think well these laws don’t affect me, you should look at them and think how you would feel if you were.  Taking a look at this in a different light, say you were told that because your neighbour was a criminal, you could no longer run a business because you were associated with said neighbour.  Now you and your neighbour have gone to the pub for a drink, the neighbour from the other side turns up and now because there is 3 in a group you all go to Jail for 6 months for meeting in a public place.

We as a nation should not be allowing our governments to make and pass laws that show prejudice against any group of people, that infringe on their basic rights as citizens of this country.  We need to stand together, to bring our rights back to everyone that is equal to one and all.

Cuts verses Expenses

Australia is in dire need of cuts to all welfare payments, we are told we need wait till we are 70 to retire. We are seeing cuts to essential services such as education, health care, emergency services and many other services that many can’t do without. Whilst the poorer families are suffering more, the rich are getting more benefits in tax cuts etc.

While the majority of Australians are seeing hardship, our governments are wasting money on non essential expenses. We have seen one such politician spend $50,000 of tax payers money just to fly a chef over for a dinner. We have governmental departments wasting millions a year on taxi fares, our PM wants us to cover a $4.3 million a year payout for his social media and his spin doctors to try make him look good.

We need to make our politicians accountable for the wasteful spending they do, we need our taxes to go back into making this country a world leader in education,health and a country that supports it’s own businesses. When will our politicians realise that they are there to serve and represent us the public and not their own glory and self interests.