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Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

The big debate about OMC clubs is whether they are criminal gangs as our governments are saying or victims in a media campaign that is out to frighten the general public.  It has never been proven through our legal system that any Club was a organised criminal gang.

For any club or organisation to be classified as such, it has to be proven that said club solely is for criminal activity and that membership of each member is solely for criminal activity.  So far no club has been found to be fitting of that description under laws that were in place.

There is no denying that the clubs can be intimidating to some members of the public, or that at times can be quite violent, this though is only after they have been attacked or threatened in any form.  Most people when it comes to protect family or friends can and will act in a violent way if they feel that it is the only resort.  With any group of people you can have the odd one or two that thrive on violence, just have a look at the fights that occur at football games or pubs etc.

Most clubs have a code of conduct, whether it be the local dart club or a OMC.  Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs have very strict rules and members create a strong bond with fellow members, this in turn leads to a very protective action when one is attacked or threatened.  Contrary to the spiel by some of our politicians, these clubs aren’t the evil organisations they are made out to be.

Most members struggle through life like the rest of us, trying to meet payments, earn enough to keep the family housed, clothed and fed etc.  Speaking of family, there is one thing even normally the roughest and toughest bikie doesn’t tolerate and that is harming children in any way, whether theirs or a strangers.

Contrary to myths, they don’t go out bashing the general public just to pass the time, in approximately 33 years of riding on and off, any time ran into any club on the road and ended up stopping at the same spot have had quick chats and have always been treated with courtesy and respect.  It is normally a mutual thing, you walk up to them and are courteous you will be treated the same back, walk up all aggressive and you will most likely get a aggressive stance back.

The current climate caused by our politicians in which innocent people are being victimised, having their freedom attacked, having their livelihood taken away and what are those getting attacked do, they sit back and fight this in a legal way.  They mount a High Court challenge to these laws, they don’t go out looting, they don’t go out attacking anyone.  All they want is to get back their freedom and stop the harassment every time they ride, to be able to meet family and friends in the public again, to have legitimate jobs again.

Most of the OMC’s have put on many charity rides over the years, raising money for sick children and for those that are struggling and need help.  These charity rides have had to be put on a back burner as if they do one they will be arrested and have to spend 6 months at a minimal locked up in solitary confinement. Where is any justice in that.

Think twice before you judge OMC members as a whole, that fireman, ambulance personnel or even doctor just might be a member of one of these clubs. Members come from all walks of life, sharing a great love of freedom and riding bikes, if you have never ridden you will never understand why these men form such strong bonds.