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Covid-19 settings in mobile Devices

I have seen on Facebook so many posts in regards to there being a notification setting for Civid-19 on mobile devices,, yes in the updates there is a new setting under Google settings. Google already keeps track of your location if you turn it on at all , whether it is so can post to Facebook where you are at or use it for Google maps while driving.

I have no worries about Google maps knowing where I was or where I go, it can be useful if ever questioned by police etc as to where you were on a certain date and time. I know the concern from people is the government gaining access to that information and gaining access to your contacts etc. The thing is that currently under the settings, you need install the Covid-19 app for this to work and the data is meant to be deleted after 21 days, the worry is that the data will be kept longer and 3rd parties gaining access.

The first image is the one shared so much with hype about not having given permission for it, it is a option that had to be installed by whatever operating system your mobile device runs, for people that install th Covid-19 app. The second image shows the screen if people click to see options for the Covid-19 notifications and clearly states notifications can only be turned on if install participating app.

There is no need for the attempt at causing hysteria over the update inserting the option for notifications to be turned on for the Covid-19 app, as stated it is a option that was required to be installed in a upgrade so the app could work to give you a notification if had possible contact with a known Covid-19 infected person.

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Spam like posts

Anything that is spam like or has nothing Australian related in the post will be deleted. As in the name of this website ‘Australians For Australians’ this website id dedicated to Australian based news, events etc.

Higher fines for distracted drivers

Queensland will have the harshest penalties for distracted drivers, some would say it is revenue collecting, yet many drivers still drive around holding their phones and staring at it while driving. Distracted drivers do kill, something has to be done about the high death rates and severe injuries caused by distracted drivers.

Nothing seems to get through to so many drivers, all the advertising hasn’t worked. I know from personal experience of being at a fatal accident and seeing bodies getting dragged out of a car wreck, it isn’t a pretty sight.

In view of the high number of deaths due to distracted drivers, do people really think it is about revenue or do people think it is about safety.

Do you think the high fines for distracted driving is fair?

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Pottsville Men’s Shed

Although I don’t live anywhere near Pottsville , I believe the debate about the placement of this shed is a very important issue to raise awareness about.  The main argument against building a Men’s Shed at this location is because it is going to be developed in the corridor of 3 different communities of Koalas and would disrupt them interacting for breeding.

My plan is to provide information files for reading or downloading regarding the Koalas and adding more information pages relating to this debate. 

If you wish to send files / images for adding to this pages, please email them to .


Gorilla verses Boy

Where does the fault or blame really belong in this sad story where a gorilla was shot in ‘saving’ a 4 year old boy.  The question that keeps going around my head is how did he manage to get into the enclosure?  By reports he had to go under a fence and over barriers to then fall the 4 mts to the water.  He was damned lucky he didn’t fall head first onto some rock.

Sorry if this offends anyone but my feelings are saddest over the gorilla dying because a boy managed to get into his personal space.  Most of us if got invaded by a stranger would protect our home, so far evidence points towards the fact that the boy wasn’t in danger and only with all the shouting did the gorilla become agitated.

The real problem is that a barrier meant to keep humans and animals separated did not do the job it was designed for, so is it the zoos fault or whoever designed the fences and barriers for the enclosure?   The boy will have to live with the fact because he disobeyed his mother, his actions nearly caused his own death and did cause the death of the gorilla.  Till this gets out of the media the mother has to see so much hateful comments directed against her.

It’s a tragic event in that so many tiny thing lead to this happening, one can’t turn back time and change it, what can be done is that something is learnt from it.  Maybe the zoo and other such zoos can have a second look at all their enclosures to ensure another event like this can’t happen again.

Safety around trucks part 1

As I get to record some unsafe driving habits while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, as in some of the AI cars tend to drive like some real life drivers, I will be posting relevant articles to that particular circumstance.  As with all the various classes of drivers, whether car, truck or even motorcycle riders, there are the good and the bad. I in no way am going to enter into arguments over things like oh but truckies or some truckies do this or that, I’m just showing why some actions can end up being lethal when performed around trucks.

Today’s subject is ‘Cutting in front of a truck at lights or while truck is moving’ .  Depended on the style of truck, long bonnet, short bonnet or cab over, the visibility out the front can vary quite a lot.  In the following photos the example is a a modern long nose bonnet truck and visibility is limited.

First image is looking down and shows the distance between the truck and the 2 cars in front, all at a legal distance under normal circumstances from each other.  The second image is from the cab and showing how one car is completely out of vision and most of the car in the very front is not visible.

If this had been real life and I was driving the truck I would have stopped further back so could still see the car in front of me, I was planning on getting these particular shots to highlight how easy a car or other vehicle can disappear from view from within the cab.  This is where a good game comes handy..

Photo 1

Stopped at lights showing distance between vehicles
Stopped at lights showing distance between vehicles

Photo 2

Showing car not visible to truck driver
Showing car not visible to truck driver

Think twice before changing lanes in front of a truck at all times and especially when approaching lights or a intersection, they might not see you there.