Merry Christmas

Wishing all a very merry and safe Christmas and the very best for the new year.   For many 2015 was a very rough year,  for some it might be financial difficulties,  others losing family or friends before their time or even relationship breakups etc.   For those that have lost family or friends,  it makes no difference when it happened, no length of time makes it  easier.

Take it easy out there on the roads and please refrain from drink driving etc.,  would be sad to not see some of you in the future.  Christmas has lost it’s true meaning over the years, to me being able to either spend time with family and friends or at the least communicate with them via whatever means is the most important side of Christmas.  I will refrain from going into the religious side of Christmas because of the various beliefs that people have would cause too much topic discussion.

It seems to me that Christmas has become a race against the Smiths next day, oh they bought 10 presents foe each child, I better buy 15 so people will think I am the better parent.  Oh he bought his wife a Jeep, I better buy mine a Mercedes etc..  The only present that counts is one given and received with love, one that each other knows represents a life long love that will always be.

Cheers, may you all have a day full of love from family and friends, one that you can look back at and know that it was a wonderful day that you got to spend with family and friends.


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