What has Australia become ?

Australia has become a very intolerant country towards certain nationalities and certain cultures.  It was only as recent as the 1960’s that the indigenous Australians were seen as human beings and reclassified from being classed under Fauna and Flora, before that it was seemingly okay to kill one and not be charged.  Now it seems that all Muslims are degraded to that of being less than a human.

I don’t agree with a lot of what their religion teaches or what is seemingly okay under Sharia Law.  I don’t judge every single one of them as being bad because of what I don’t find right under my own upbringing and beliefs, I certainly don’t think in these times there is any place for any extremists no matter what religion etc.

I don’t see that calling for all Muslims to be deported because they have their own schools, mosques, aged care homes etc., to be right or fair to those that try follow both their own religious beliefs and try follow what our laws are and coexist with our religious backgrounds.  Yes for anyone from any other country that has come to live here and breaks our country’s laws then yes deport them, those that try raise the extremist views, deport them.

There is a lot of distrust on both sides of this issue, years ago quite a few Mosques were burnt down without provocation and so set forth a distrust from Muslims to Christian religions or non Muslims in general.  I was brought up understanding some very basic laws / principles to follow in life, A) Treat others as you would wish others to treat you, B) Love your neighbour, C) Judge not or be judged yourself, these being the main ones.

We’re all free to have our opinions, our free thoughts and so far free choice in religion and many other things in life.  Some of us have lost a few basic freedoms we all had the rights to, such as certain Motorcycle Club members, their families and friends and anyone in any remote association.  We’re already seeing censorship on anything related to certain subjects, I believe a few have been charged over Facebook comments, tracking of every site we visit on the internet plus gradual freedom losses due to security.

Life is too short to hate an entire group of people, yes target the guilty ones and deport any that violate our laws, not just one group but anyone from any country that comes here spreading evil extremist views.  We all should be working towards any peace we can, there is too much hatred and violence worldwide.  Go to any other country and you have to obey that country’s law, so the same should apply to all that come here.  Another simple thing is to respect the country that allows you to live there as a citizen, disrespecting your chosen country and it’s people only leads to disrespect in return.

Enough rambling on from me, whilst I respect everyone’s views I hope the same respect can be shown back in speaking out against hatred directed against one group of people and for not sharing such posts that go against my beliefs or my thoughts there is good in any group of people, that one group as a collective isn’t evil.  We each have to live our lives as we see it, not as others tell us we should live.


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