Facebook Scams and Hoaxes plus Security

Facebook is one of the most prevalent of social media sites that hoaxes and scams are spread.  Some of the hoax statuses while some of the warnings contained are useful, the stories used are often fake and based on urban myths.

Some are very cruel in that they use photos that are stolen from real life incidents from the past then state for every like, comment or share, Facebook and or other reputable companies will donate X amount of dollars.  Most of these are started from attention seekers just after likes etc for their page and can cause distress to those that are in those photos.  There are many sites that do the research to verify these stories and will state if they are true or not and give a background into the origin, only takes a minute or so to check.

A typical scam are the free give-aways , flights, holidays etc., often these are advertising gimmicks to garnish interest in the businesses that are chasing up sales.  In saying that, there are the genuine companies that do give free services or gifts away as a bid to garnish business, the hard part is finding the honest give-aways.

Another major concern are the “Can you believe [insert name] did this, check out the photos/videos” , these often require you to ‘Like/share’ before you can view the item and then need fill out some survey and by the time you finish they have collected data about you.  Some have been known to make you relog into Facebook and so capture your Facebook details.

Facebook is one of many social media sites that track you wherever you go on the internet, even logging out, their cookies track your visits to various sites collecting data for advertising towards you.  This is one security issue that I would be interested in finding out the full details as to how legit the statement is and how if legit, just how far into invading our privacy Facebook is.

More added as time and health allow.

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