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50 Dead plus 53 injured in terrorist attack in a night club

Story source 50 dead, 53 injured: Orlando shooting now the worst in U.S. history .

This attack has been declared the deadliest shooting incident in American history and the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11.  This is only one of the many attacks that have been going on for years around the world.  The FBI have classified the incident as a terrorist attack and these types of attacks show that no country is safe from attacks.

To a extent, what is behind the attack doesn’t take away from the fact that this individual thought that it was okay to go out with the intent to kill as many people as he could.  Whether it was religious, a personal dislike for a certain group or whatever other reason, this individual has taken the lives of innocent people that had nothing to do with his life.

The taking of any life is wrong, the taking of so many lives is beyond any excuse you could make, I can understand in a situation where your life or the lives of your loved ones was at risk, that one might want to kill the one or those that are a threat at the time.  One should always try aim for disabling a attacker over killing them.

In the linked article it states the shooting was in a gay nightclub and a news heading I saw on Facebook had the title stating he was a Muslim and a Democratic, so here lies why we can’t judge why the attack was done, without a full investigation to see if any clues to why.  One could say it was a religious attack or one called say he had a dislike for gay people and thought he would kill as many as he could.

If it was a religious inspired attack, it speaks volumes about a religion that inspires its’ believers to kill those that don’t follow that religion. If it was a attack against gay people, it speaks volumes about that persons’ view of others that don’t fit into his belief on how others view life and who they are.  Both of these are so wrong in the thought process.  Over the centuries there have been many wars that churches of different religions have fought in the name of their religion, most have put that into their past and no longer run such campaigns.

It is my opinion that this attack will be used in a political campaign about gun control over in America, the sad part is that gun control doesn’t solve the problem of these sort of mass killings.  Those that are going to want a gun for such a purpose or for armed robberies etc., will always find a way to get a gun.

RIP to those that died in this senseless attack, condolences to the families and friends of the dead, compassion to those injured and to their families and friends.  One can only hope that this incident is not used as a political band standing campaign by any political party, or a hate campaign by anti-religious groups.

My biggest fear as an individual and a person of a tolerant nature towards all others, is that these types of attacks are only going to start getting more frequent and in countries that have so far been safe from these types of attacks.   The thought that any individual or any group of people of any nature, can think that senseless killing of others is okay, is a very scary thing.

Personal note:  Take the time to let those that you care about and that care about you, let them know you care and love them every chance you have, life is never a given certainty, it can be taken at any time.